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pubic area:

The area between-the-legs in both males and females where the genitals are located.
See Also: abdominal hysterectomy, ace, ace of spades, aerola mammae, Apostle's grove, areola, areola of the mammary gland, areola papillaris, arseparts, ass mites, bear trapper's hat, beard, bearded, bearded lady, bearskin, beetlebonnet, belly bristles, belly thicket, belly whiskers, below the navel, bermuda triangle, black ace, black bess, black jock, blue chamber district, body lice, boys on ice, briar pach, broom, brown madam, brush, bugs, bushie mall, bushy, Bushy Park, butterfly vibrator, carpet, CBC, chatts, circle the circus, circumanal, clean kitchen, clover field, cod cove, constrictions, cooties, creepers, crib district, critters, crotch, crotch crickets, crotch critters, crotch monkeys, crotch rope, crotch watcher, crumb, crus of the clitoris, crus penis, cunt carpet, cunt down, cunt hair, curlies, curls, curly hairs, delta, dibble, dibs and dabs, dick scropions, dick wheat, dickweed, dolorogenic zone, doormat basher, driving range, erotogenic zones, fanny hair, fascinating furpiece, fast track, fleece, forest bush, Fort Bushy, fresh axe wound in a bears back, frizzle, front door mat, front garden, fuck fur, fur, fur below, furry bush, furry mound, furze, furze-bush, fuzz, fuzzies, garden, garden hedge, garden of Eden, gentleman's companions, gluteal region, gooseberry bush, grass, green grove, green meadow, hair court, hairy axe wound, hairy escutcheon, hairy pipi, hairy ring, hairy wheel, hairy whizzer, Hairyfordshire, ho stroll, hot spot, INAH, itchy eye, jungle rot, kishkes, Kwell, ladys welcome mat, lap bugs, lawn, leg beard, lice, Lice-Enz, light troops, love bugs, lower deck, lower wig, male netherland(s), map of Tasmania, map of Tazzy, mat, Minnesota strip, mohair knickers, moss, mossy bank, mossy cell, mossy doughnut, mossy face, mossy mound, mot-carpet, mowed lawn, muffet, mushroom, nestcock, nestlecock, nits, Nix, nyctohylophobia, Old Frizzle, P.T.A., pant rabbits, papillon d'amour, patch, PC muscle, Pink Palace in the Black Forest, plush, pubephilia, pubic area, pubic visitors, pubickers, pubis, pubococcygeal muscle, pubococcygeous muscle, pubococcygeus, puff, pussy beard, pussy cover, pussy hair, quim wig, quim-whiskers, RID, rubyfruit jungle, rug, running down the game, Sandy McNabs, shattis, short and curlies, silent beard, snatch monsters, social dandruff, steel woolies, strawberry patch, string bondage, stroll, stubble, suck, fuck, tickle balls and rim, sugar bush, tail feathers, thatch, thicket, toosh, tooshie, toupee, treasure trail, triangle of love, trigger zone, trolling ground, tush, tushie, twat fuzz, twat mat, twat rug, undergrowth, valley of tears, velcro strips, vertical axe wound with sideburns, vice area, wanton ace, whore stroll, wig, woolies, zebra fanny

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