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Of, or pertaining to the genital region of the pelvis.
See Also: 17-ketosteroid, abdominal hysterectomy, ace, ace of spades, Apostle's grove, ass mites, badger, baz, bear trapper's hat, beard, beard flit, bearded, bearded lady, bearskin, beaver, beaver pose, beaver shot, beetlebonnet, belly bristles, belly thicket, belly whiskers, bermuda triangle, bird's nest, birds-nester, black ace, black bess, black cat with its throat cut, black jock, blurtbeard, body lice, bosom buddies, bosom chums, bosom friends, boys on ice, brakes, briar pach, Brillo pad, broom, brown madam, brush, buggers grips, bugs, burgershot, bush, bushwack, bushy, Bushy Park, butterfly vibrator, carpet, catskin, chatts, clinkers, cloth, clover field, cock-a-fanny, cod cove, collars and cuffs, cooties, cotton, cotton and wool, County Down, crab ladder, crab lice, crabs, creepers, Crescent Moon, critters, crotch crickets, crotch critters, crotch monkeys, crow, crown and feathers, crumb, crura, crus, crus of the clitoris, crus penis, cunny-skin, cunt carpet, cunt curtain, cunt down, cunt hair, curlies, curls, curly hairs, delta, dibble, dibs and dabs, dick scropions, dick wheat, dickweed, Dilberry bush, dive a muff, doormat basher, doormat bashing, down, Downshire, Elysian Fields, fanny hair, fascinating furpiece, fern, fleece, fluff, forest, forest bush, Fort Bushy, fresh axe wound in a bears back, frizzle, front door mat, front garden, fuck fur, fud, fur, fur below, fur burger, fur pie, furburger, furry bush, furry mound, furze, furze-bush, fuzz, fuzz burger, fuzzburger, fuzzies, garden, garden hedge, garden of Eden, gentleman's companions, goatee, gooseberry bush, gorilla burger, gorilla salad, grass, green grove, green meadow, Grove of Eglantine, gynecologic spread, hair burger, hair court, hair pie, hairy axe wound, hairy escutcheon, hairy pie, hairy pipi, hairy ring, hairy wheel, hairy whizzer, Hairyfordshire, Hansom cabs, itchy-scratchies, kitten's ear, Kwell, lady's low toupee, ladys welcome mat, lap bugs, lawn, leg beard, lice, Lice-Enz, light troops, ling, love bugs, lower wig, map of Tasmania, map of Tazzy, mat, merkin, moss, moss rose, mossy bank, mossy cell, mossy doughnut, mossy face, mossy mound, mot-carpet, mowed lawn, muff, muff pie, muffet, mustard and cress, nature's tufted treasure, nature's veil, nest in the bush, nestcock, nestlecock, nether end, nether eye, nether eyebrow, nether lashes, nether whiskers, nits, Nix, Old Frizzle, Orchard of the Hesperides, P.T.A., pant rabbits, papillon d'amour, parsley bed, parsley patch, patch, PC muscle, pediculosis pubis, Phthirus pubis, Pink Palace in the Black Forest, plush, pubephilia, pubes, pubic lice, pubic visitors, pubickers, pubis, pubococcygeal muscle, pubococcygeous muscle, pubococcygeus, puff, pussy beard, pussy cover, pussy hair, quim bush, quim wig, quim-whiskers, RID, rosebush, rubyfruit jungle, rug, Sandy McNabs, scabies, scabs, scut, secondary sex characteristics, shattis, short and curlies, short hairs, shot of beaver, a, shrubbery, silent beard, snatch monsters, snatch patch, snatch thatch, social dandruff, split beaver, split-beaver shot, sporran, spread beaver, squirrel, steel woolies, strawberry patch, stubble, sugar bush, tail feathers, thatch, thicket, toosh, tooshie, toupee, treasure trail, triangle of love, tufted honor, turf, tush, tushie, twat fuzz, twat hair, twat mat, twat rug, undergrowth, velcro love triangle, velcro strips, velcro triangle, velvet, vertical axe wound with sideburns, wanton ace, wide-open beaver, wig, wool, woolies, zebra fanny

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