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1. The female genitalia and pubic-hair , based on the resemblance between the pubic-hair and a fur muff. Muff has been used in this sense since the late 17 th century. See vagina for synonyms.

QUOTE: Captain Francis Grose. Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811): ' The private-parts of a woman . To the well wearing of your muff, mort ; to the happy consummation of your marriage , girl ; a health .'
-- Dive a muff / muff-dive , to cunnilinguate . See cunnilingus for synonyms.
-- Egg McMuff / egg-McMuffin , an act or instance of fellatio . See fellatio for synonyms.
-- Esquimuff / esquaw , ethnic slur for an Esquimo woman .
-- Fluff the muff , of a female, to masturbate .
-- Furry muff , nonsexual British epression meaning fair enough .

2. In teenagers parlance, a sexually attractive girl . Can be a noun or an adjective.

See Also: cunnilinctor, dikey, dive a muff, dykey, eat fur pie, fanny fart, front botty burp, fur pie, hair pie, IBM, masturbation-female, muff, muff pie, muff-dive, muffer, puff, pussy fart, queeb, queef, vaginal fart

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