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Or: geneital organs / genitals , the organs-of-reproduction in both the male and female, especially the external genital-organs (those visible outside the body), the penis and testicles in the male, the vagina and surrounding area (the mons veneris, vestibule ; labia-minora and majora, clitoris and pubic hair) in the female. The female-reproductive-organs consist of the vagina , clitoris , vulva , uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and related structures. The male-reproductive-organs include the penis , testes and related structures, prostate , seminal vesicles, and bulbourethral glands .
Etymology: From the Latin genitalia , plural form of genitalis .
Synonyms: genital-organs ; human-reproductive-organs ; organs-of-generation ; (male and/or female) organs-of-reproduction ; organs-of-the-reproductive-system ; reproductive-organs (of either the male or female); sex-organs (internal and/or external); sexual-organs (of reproduction); sex-and-reproductive-organs ; sexual and reproductive-organs (and system). See penis and vagina for synonyms.
See Also: 19-NET, 5-alpha-reductase, agility, almanac(h), altar of hymen, altar of love, altar of pleasure, anal fetishism, antipudic, article, aunt Annie, aunt Maria, aunt Mary, autoscophilia, autoscopophilia, baby-maker, badger, bearded clam, bearded oyster, bearded taco, beauty spot, best part, big V, Botany Bay, bottom surgery, box unseen, cabbage field, cabbage garden, cachanca, can, can of brown polish, canoe inspection, cat's head cut open, chink, choca, chocha, chooch, clam jousting, clitoropenis, codpiece, cookie, coronal extender, County Down, covered way, crackling, cunniphrenia, cunny-haunted, cunt torture, Cupids furrow, dark meat, dark paradise, discordant genitalia, Downshire, eel-skinner, etcaetera, eurotophobia, expose onself, f2m SRS, fadge, fancy bit, female genitorture, female pudendalia, female pudendum, fern, fertility symbols, fig, fillet o' fish, finger pie, fingerdoodling, fingering the clit, fires of hell, fish city, fish mitten, fish-box, flounder, flower of chivalry, fly-catcher, fly-trap, flytrap, forecastle, French fare, front bum, fur burger, fur pie, furburger, fuzz burger, fuzzburger, G-string, garden, garden of Eden, Gate of Horn, gate of life, gee-string, genital organs, genitals, gentlemans delight, gentlemans garden, gorilla burger, great divide, green grove, green meadow, growler, gyno shot, ha'penny, hair burger, hair pie, hairy lasso, hairy magnet, hairy pie, hairy pipi, hairy whizzer, halfpenny, harbour of hope, herpes, herpes simplex virus, holiday money, horse collar, human reproductive organs, indecent exposure, ineffable, itcher, itching jenny, Jack Straws castle, Jeanette Talia, jellyroll, Jemima, jewel, lap it, leading article, light meat, lower lips, lowlands, lues, macrogenitalism, male pudendum, man trap, mangle, manhole, manliness, mantrap, marble arch, material part, merkin, middle kingdom, mill, minge, most precious part(s), mouse trap, mousetrap, muff pie, muffet, muffin, muliebra, name-it-not, nameless, nasty, naval base, nock, novelty, oat bin, organs of generation, organs of reproduction, organs of the reproductive system, oyster, package, palace of pleasure, pan, pancake, parts of shame, penoclitoris, periwinkle, pillars to the temple, pink, piping, play stink-anger, play stinky-pinky, playing field, pleasure boat, pleasure place, poon, pranny, prick-scourer, prick-skinner, promised land, pulpit, rattlesnake canyon, reproductive organs, rose, rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, rough-o, rubyfruit, rubyfruit jungle, scopolagnia, secondary sex characteristics, sex and reproductive organs, sex organs, sexual organs, size queen, snapper, snapping turtle, sperm-sucker, sportsmans gap, sportsmans hole, spread shot, staff-breaker, stink pot, stinkpot, sugar bush, tender box, tender trap, that there, third base, tinderbox, tit-mouse, token, toosh, toy shop, triangle of love, tribology, tuna, tuna town, twachel, twatchel, twidget, underworld, upper holloway, urethra, vacuum, velcro love triangle, velcro triangle, virgin treasure, water mill, wayside fountain, whatchamacallit, whatsis, whatsit, whatsus, whatzis, where the monkey sleeps, whisper pot, woman's commodity, woman's privities, womans privates, woo-woo, wooter, wound, yellow road, you-know-where, yum-yum, yum-yum cake, zatch

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