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sitting room:

Euphemism for the ass . See ass for synonyms.
See Also: 40-5, back room, ballroom, bathroom, bed house, blackroom, cafeteria, cage, clit closet, closed door, closed swinging, comfort station, cop a squat, couch dance, cowgirl, delivery room, fence, forty/five, gape, girlcam, give it away, hot-pillow joint, Johnny Queen, koinoniphobia, log in, lonelyhearts' club, luncheonette, make a milk run, make the milk run, marble palace, orgy room, penile colony, pig room, riding the bitch's seat, sit-down, sit-me-down, small room, smallest room, striptease to go, teahouse, tearoom, tearoom queen, tearoom trade, upavishta, upside-down kiss, waiter

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