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Or: snakin / on-the-snake , in teenagers parlance, said of and by girls out looking for boys .
See also: on-the-make .
See Also: 6-2-9, 6-to-9, anatomically correct, doing, double wedding, fork and spoon, go for a snake's hiss, halvsies, heads and tails, hoop snake(s), John Thomas, loop-de-loop, on the make, on the snake, one-eye(d), one-eyed snake, one-eyed trouser snake, ophidiophobia, play with oneself, playing hoopsnake, playing with oneself, schlong, shmok, snake, snake pit, snake ranch, snakephobia, snaking, soixante-neuf, stiffy, stoat, tadger, todger, trouser snake, urination, zoo number

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