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trick day:

In gay terminology, a day or evening set aside, weekly or monthly, to take a break from one's regular partner and go cruising for a one-night-stand .
See Also: 24/7, 24/7/365, beef burger, birthday, break luck, breaking luck, BVDs, carpe diem, CFD, client, crave, cull, cute trick, Disneyland daddy, Doering Rule, dog days, fare, john, meatball, nine-to-fiver, patron, piper, poke party, pull a trick, queen for a day, regular trick, romantricks, Saint Valentine's Day, straight trick, TOS, trich, trick, trick baby, turn a date, turn a trick, turn tricks, turned out, twenty-four seven, twilight, variety artist, wet day, whoring days, works, the

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