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college fuck:

Or: college-style , masturbating the penis between the (lubricated) thighs of another man.
Synonyms: coitus-ante-portas, coitus-inter-femora, coitus-interfemoris, college-fuck, college-style, dry-fuck, dry-hump, dry-run, English-method, femoral-intercourse, femoral-coitus, Harvard-style, interfemoral-intercourse, intracrural-intercourse, irrumatio(n), leg-work, leggins, Princeton Rub (or Style), rubbins, slick-leggins, thigh-sandwich, thighs

See Also: buddy-fuck week, college fuck, F.U.C.K. / FUCK, FNG(s), freshman fuckbook, fuck finder, fuck-your-buddy week, fucking the thighs, International fuck-your-buddy week

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