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C20 th word for intercourse between the thighs , probably derives from in the legs .

SYNONYMS: coitus-ante-portas ; coitus-inter-femora ; coitus-interfemoris ; college-fuck ; college-style ; dry-fuck ; dry-hump ; dry-run ; English-method ; femoral-intercourse ; Harvard-style ; interfemoral-intercourse ; intracrural-intercourse ; irrumatio(n); leg-work ; Princeton Rub or style; rubbins ; slick-leggins ; thigh-sandwich ; thighs .
SEE ALSO: butter-churn .

See Also: butter churn, coitus ante portas, coitus inter femora, coitus interfemoris, college fuck, college style, dry fuck, dry hump, dry rub, dry run, English method, femoral coitus, femoral intercourse, Harvard style, interfemoral intercourse, intracrural intercourse, irrumatio, irrumation, leg work, leggins, Princeton rub, Princeton style, rubbins, thigh sandwich, thighs

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