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1. The key word in many expressions pertaining to sexual-intercourse , as in: get-a-shot-of-leg ; get-one-leg-over ; get-ones-leg-over ; get-some-big-leg ; get-some-leg ; getting-your-leg-over ; leg-over ; leg-business , four-legged-frolic ; spread-your-legs .

2. A limb .


(1) George Orwell (1903-1950) Animal Farm (1945): ' Four legs good, two legs bad .'

(2) Frances (Grace Kelly) picnicking with John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief (1955): ' Do you want a leg or a breast? '

3. A woman regarded solely as a sex-object .

See Also: 411, ace queen, acrotometophilia, acrotomophilia, amelotasis, amputation fetish(ism), amputee fetish(ism), animal sex, assume the position, baby-split, bacon and eggs, bar, big game, bloomers, bondage device, bonds of humiliation, bowlegged, breast man, broadway broads, Buckinger's boot, butter and cheesecake, butterfly vibrator, callicnemic, Cateracts of the Nile, cheesecake, clitoris, clothes pegs, clothespeg, cnemopalmia, cnemoscopy, cock-a-fanny, coital alignment technique, coitus ante portas, coitus inter femora, coitus interfemoris, college fuck, college style, come-fuck-me-pumps, cookie crumbs, cross-legged, crotch, crurocentric, crurofact, crurophilous, crurormia, crus, cunted, curvesome, curvy, depilation, displacement, dorsal lithotomy, double entendre, doughed-up darling, dress to the right (or to the left), dry fuck, dry hump, dry rub, Dutch pegs, English method, fast woman, feel up, femoral coitus, femoral intercourse, fork, fried eggs, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, gains, gam, gamahuche, gamahuching, gamaruching, gamb, gams, gape, gay house, gay in the legs, gaying instrument, generous keeper, get a shot of leg, give a shot of leg, gold mine, gynecologic spread, ham and eggs, Harvard style, heels in the air, honey man, hump, in the sack, interfemoral intercourse, interspecies sex, intracrural intercourse, Irish legs, knee spreader, lallies, leg, leg man, leg over, leg restraint, leg spreader, leg stretcher, leg-lifter, leggins, leggy, lift a leg, limb, man-on-top position, middle leg, money-honey, mumbley pegs, Mystic Megs, pay papa, peach, peg, pegs, pillars to the temple, pins, plate of ham, prostitution, pubic area, pursonality papa, rubbins, sexciting, shake, shake the dew off the lily, shake the peg, slick leggins, soft job, soft roll, split beaver, spread eagle, spread shot, spreader, spreader bar, stems, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar honey, sugar papa, syntribadism, syntribate, thigh sandwich, thighs, three-legged, three-legged beaver, throw, tibiocontrectation, tit man, tits man, tribady, wooden pegs, X-legged

Quotes Containing leg:
'Do you want a leg or a breast?' Frances (Grace Kelly) picnicking with John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief (1955)
Frances (Grace Kelly) picnicking with John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief (1955): ''Do you want a leg or a breast?''
Sgt. Jack Colt (Emilio Estevez) reminiscing about his ex-partner in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon I (1993): 'When Claire was excited she peed on my leg'. Jack Colt was very fond-of his ex-partner... a police dog named Claire.
Charles Panati. Sexy Origins and Intimate Things (1998): ''Seldom do men and women equally embrace a fashion trend, and when they do the mutual enthusiasm lasts only briefly. The opposite-sexes like being opposites in as many ways as possible. When French and Italian men began to be turned-on to the female leg in decorative high heels, they did not like to see the same erotic footwear on the feet of men. All but a few men stopped wearing high heels, which went from being a mans standard footwear to one of his favorite sexual fetishes. ''

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