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In Britain it means being very drunk. ' He was so cunted he lifted his leg to a fire hydrant .'
See Also: Anthony Blunt, ball-breaker, ball-buster, ball-busting, bawdy monosyllable, BCH, berk, Berkeley Hunt, Berkshire Hunt, Birchington Hunt, Burlington Hunt, C, C**T, C-light, c-word, C.P., Cambridge punt, canoe inspector, Charley, Charley Hunt, Charlie, Charlie Hunt, Cheeks of Cunnyborough, clowt, cock-teaser, cockteaser, conjugate, conny, constable, cony, country, County Down, coynte, crunt, CT, cunnicle, cunnikin, cunning, cunny, cunny-warren, cunt, cunt-tease, cunt-teaser, cunted, cuntikin, cuntkin, cuntlapper, cuntlet, dick-teaser, divine monosyllable, dockers ABC, female genitorture, figa, four-letter word, gasp and grunt, gib tenuck, grasp and grunt, groan and grunt, growl and grunt, grumble, grumble and grunt, hotcha, Joe Hunt, kut, love juice, meat-seeking pissile, Miss Laycock, monosyllable, open C, poon light, prick-tease, prick-teaser, quaint, queynte, quiff, scunt, see, see you next Tuesday, sharp and blunt, Sir Anthony Blunt, tease, teaser, tenuc, tetbury portion, thingstable, torture, tuzzy-muzzy, unt-cay, venerable monosyllable

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