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The neuter pronoun of the third person.
Or: It / IT , from the 15 th C onward, a multisexual euphemism for:

1. Sex appeal (and personality). IT refers to that strange and mysterious THING or MAGNETISM attracting both sexes. ' S/He got it! If you could bottle IT you'd make a fortune .' See also: sex-appeal .
-- The It-girl , Clara Bow, sexy American actress of the 1920s.
SYNONYMS: allure; appeal; attraction; attractiveness; beefcake (male sa); charm; cheesecake ; come-on ; dissa-and-datta ; enticement; erotic-charm ; es-ay ; fascination; get-together-principle,-the ; have-plenty-of-snap-in-her-garter ; have-a-lot-of-what-s/he's-got ; have IT in a big way ; have IT in large gobs; have IT in large helpings; have-plenty-of-this-and-that ; have-plenty-of-what-s/he's-got ; invitingness; it-and-that ; it-and-more ; It-ness ; ittiness ; ittishness ; lovableness; magnetism; (the) makings; masculine-quotient (male sa); mmph ; MQ (male sa); myeh ; nyeh ; old-stuff,-the ; oomph ; pleasurableness; pull ; runcible ; S.A. (sex appeal); SAM (sex appeal and magnetism); seductiveness; sex-apple ; sex-stuff ; sex-voltage ; sextraction ; sexual attractiveness; sexiness ; sizzle ; skin ; steamy ; stuff ; that-certain-something ; that-thing ; thata ; these-and-those ; this-and-that ; thisa-and-thata ; umph ; what-it-takes ; winsomeness; X-appeal ; yumph .


(1) Beaucaire (Bob Hope) in Monsieur Beaucaire (1946): ' When you've got it, you've got it. There's nothing you can do about it .'

(2) Junior (Bob Hope) and Ebeneezer (Paul E. Burns) speaking about Mike (Jane Russell) a performer in Son of Paleface (1952):-- Junior: ' She's really got it! '-- Ebeneezer: ' She's got what? '-- Junior: ' I don't know but if we could bottle it we could make a fortune .'

(3) Jim Scott (William Lundigan) in Love Nest (1951): ' I don't know what old Charlie's got, but I wish I could bottle it. We'd make a fortune .'

(4) Uncle Benny (Ned Beatty) peeping on his sunbathing neighbor Storm Reynolds (Sam Jenkins) with a looking glass in Ed and His Dead Mother (1994): ' Sex! That's what it's all about. From the onset of puberty it's what occupies ninety percent of our time, the pursuit of sex , right? Ed, sex is life and if it was a pronoun she'd be IT .'

(5) Rudyard Kipling (1965-1936), Traffics and Discoveries (1904): ' Tisn't beauty , so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. It's just IT. Some women'll stay in a man's memory if they once walk down a street .'

2. The penis ; sometimes referred to as: whatsit . See penis for synonyms.
-- Flog it / fist/flip/have/pull/rub/toss it off / give it a tug , to masturbate .
-- Gum it / kiss-it-(down) / take-it-in-the-mouth / whomp-it-up / yummy uo on it , to fellate .
-- Get it up , to have a penile-erection .

3. The vagina ; sometimes referred to as: name-it-not / whatsit . See vagina for synonyms.
-- Juice it up / leave-it-to-beaver / rub-it-off / stirring-it-up , to masturbate .
-- Do it the French-way / kiss-it-(down) / lap-it , to cunnilinguate .

4. Sex; sexual activity, sexual-intercourse : do-it / drive-it-home / drive-it-to-home-base / get-at-it / get-down-to-it / get-it-on / get-to-it / go-at-it / go-to-it / hive-it / hole-it / make-it-with / pop-it-in / slip-it-to / stick-it-in / try it (on) for size, etc.
-- Groom it , to marry.
-- Gone and done it , married .
-- Goo it , to kiss .
-- Lets Do It , 1928 Cole Porter musical hit .
-- It didn't take , said of a marriage or relationship that, like a glue , failed to bond.
-- It's-not-you-it's-me , now a cliché for ending a relationship .

5. Orgasm and/or ejaculation . Get it off . See ejaculation and orgasm for synonyms.

6. Virginity. Lose it / losing it , the loss of virginity . (In a nonsexual sense, losing it also means losing ones temper.) See deflower for synonyms.

See Also: 4-F(s), 4-real, 900 number, a piece of tail, abnormal presentation, algophily, altocalciphilia, amatorculist, anal sex, as the actress said to the bishop, babe lair, ballroom, be your own best friend, beat the meat, big hunk of meat, bigamy, birds and the bees, the, bombosity, bonking, broad, bull, buster, casual sex, child molester, clitoral detumescence, cocky, come-fuck-me-pumps, crotch-grabber, dangler, detumescence, detumescence of the clitoris, detumescence of the penis, dick, doing a hand job, donkey-, donkey-dicked, donkey-rigged, draped, face, facts of life, the, fairy, foreplay, Four Fs, four-letter word, freebie, French kiss, French kissing, frog prince, fuck-me pumps, gaycat, get cemented, get laid, geycat, goodies, hand gig, hand job, having sex with someone you love, heat, heavens above, hit on (someone), honeymoon, honker, hungry, hymenally challenged, IBM, in heat, infatuation, it, jawbreaker, jessom, jisem, jism, jissom, jiz, jizz, jizzom, jizzum, John Thomas, laid, lipstick lesbian, long pole, long pork, long trade, look over, make a move on, make a pass at, makeup, man, marriage, menschkite, minx, monogamous, monogamy, moon, oldest profession, oldest trade, one-eyed trouser snake, panties, peach, penile detumescence, penis, penis immensus, philander, philanderer, piece of tail, pills, pitch, play with oneself, playgirl, playing with oneself, polymorphously perverse, prick, professional, professional woman, protection, put the make on someone, put the moves on someone, quickening peg, ready to spit, relationship, sex, sex life, sex with someone you love, sexual asphyxia, shitty, shrubbery, slut, stare, stiffy, sweet talk, swelling, tadger, take someone, tallywhacker, temptation, Texas longhorn, three-inch fool, todger, tough shit!, tough titties!, turn on, ups and downs, vagina dentata, vibrator, virgin, virginity, vive la différence, walking the street(s), water works, waterworks, wedgy, wet and willing, wet as an otters pocket, as, wet patch, wet spot, wet-on, whopper, whorehouse, yard, yards of personality, yes

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