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penile erection:

An erection of the penis ; a penis in erection. See penis for synonyms.
See Also: acrorthosis, alprosradil, anteater, awaken the bacon, Bacchus march, bar on, battlefat, be in a woman's beef, bell-end (of the penis), biological reaction, biological response, blue veiner, bone-up, boneless stiff, boneroni, box boy, bradyorthosis, bring up by hand, bristle up, bullish, burn out, cacophallic, carry a load, cock-on, coitus abstentia, coke fuck, come about, come-down, concomitant of desire, concrete donkey, corona, coronal ridge, crack a fat (one), cunt-stand, dancer's belt, dick up, dyspareunia, erectio penis, erectivation, Eric Shun, firm worm, flagpole, fluffer, get a horn, get a stand, getting a stiffy, glans, glans penis, grew proud below the navel, half-mast, have a bone-on, have a boner, have a hard-on, have a horn, having it on, heat in the meat, horn, horn-colic, horse's handbrake, in one's Sunday best, in one's Sunday clothes, indurated male underbelly, King Kong Dong, knob-ache, lance in rest, let in, lift-up, Major Woody, male monolith, marabon stork, maritudinal erection, medomalacuphobia, mentulalgia, mess with nature, morning hard-on, morning pride, morning wood, Mr. Priapus, Old Hornington, Old Horny, on the honk, on the stand, penial, penis glans, penis in erectus, penovaginal, phallic erection, phallophobia, piss fat, piss hard-on, piss proud, pitch a tent, pitching a tent in one's shorts, pride-of-the-morning, prigpas, proud inclination of the flesh, raise a gallop, raise it, raising Lazarus from the dead, retrograde urethrogram, rigid digit, rise in the Levis, rise, a, rock formation, rock python, schwing, shaft of Cupid, spiked phallus, sporting some wood, stand-on, standing member, steel beam, stiff, stiff stander, stonk, stonk-on, stonker, Sunday clothes, tachyorthosis, tail high, tanpon it long, temporary priapism, thelorthia, THO, throbbing, tired-rabbit, toothache, touch-on, trouser tent, tumefied phallus, turgid bayonet, Uncle Jim and the twins (at attention), up time, upscope, virile reflex, waiting for wood, wake up with Jake up, wet noodle, with his tail high, woodsman, woody, wuf, Yasser Crackafat

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