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1. Or: foghorn , casual and jocular word for the nose.

2. Slang term for the penis , especially an erect penis . Usage in this sense, based on appearance and hardness, dates back to the 15 th century. See penis for synonyms.
-- To have/get a horn , to have a penile-erection , hence to feel horny .
-- To suffer horn colic , to have an erection. Obsolete.
-- To cure-the-horn , for a man , to have sexual-intercourse .
-- Longhorn , a large penis .
-- Dawn horn , an erection of the penis early in the morning, upon waking up .
-- Roaring horn , a penis in erection.
-- Old hornington , obsolete, 19 th century British term for penis , usually an erect one.
-- Blow my horn , a request for fellatio .
-- Play on the horn / play-the-horn , to fellate .
-- Hump the horn / polish-the-horn / roping-the-long-horn / scraping-the-horn / tooting-the-horn / tuning-the-horn , to masturbate the penis .


(1) Shakespeare. The Taming of the Shrew : Grumio: ' Am I but three inches? Why, thy horn is a foot ; and so long am I at least .

(2) John Cleland, Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (1749): ' No horn could be stiffer: yet no velvet more smooth or delicious to the touch .'

3. Wear the horns , to suffer cuckoldry . Horns have long been a symbol of cuckoldry ; cuckolds have traditionally worn horns to signify their wives infidelity making them horned / horn-mad ; this imaginary of horns on the forehead of a cuckold is becoming obsolescent, but it survives in Patois parlance in the colloquialaism hornin' meaning to commit adultery . (Oddly enough, a horn-shaped pendant is traditionally given by a woman to the man to symbolize his affection for her.)

4. Gate-of-Horn / gate of horn , 19 th century literary euphemism for the vagina or female genitalia .

5. Blow the (anal) horn , to fart audibly.

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Quotes Containing horn:
Alexandra (Cher) and Daryl Van Horn (Jack Nicholson) in The Witches of Eastwick (1987): - Alex: ''Who are you?'' - Daryl: ''Just your average, horny little devil .'' (Van Horn puns with the devil and horny .)
Fran (Dolores Moran) and Ethaniel (Jack Benny) in The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945): - Fran: ''Loot at me, darling . Can''t you see what my eyes are saying?'' - Ethaniel: ''Yes, and you oughta watch your language.''

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