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Negation. Not. Not at all. Used to express refusal, denial , disagreement, or disbelief.


(1) Dorothy Parker: ' That woman speaks eighteen languages and she can't say 'no' in any one of them .'

(2) Andy Lee (George E. Stone) speaking of Ann Lowell (Ginger Rogers) in 42nd Street (1933): ' Not 'Anytime Annie'?! (...) She only said 'no' once and then she couldn't hear the question .'

(3) Duke Hudkins (John Wayne) and Waco (Charles Winninger) talking about Molly Truesdale (Jean Arthur) in A Lady Takes a Chance (1943):
-- Duke: ' She's wacky! '
-- Waco: ' Why? Because she said 'no'? '

(4) Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) and the butler in Christmas in Connecticut (1945):
-- Elizabeth: ' Some people say 'yes' and some people say 'no'. '
-- Butler: ' But what do you say? '
-- Elizabeth: ' I'm inclined to agree with them .'

(5) Beatrice (Lisette Verea) and Kornblow (Groucho Marx) and in A Night in Casablanca (1946):
-- Beatrice Reiner: ' Come on now. You wouldn't say 'no' to a lady .'
-- Ronald Kornblow: ' I don't see why not. They always say 'no' to me .'

(6) Félicienne Courbeau (Eva Gabor) explaining her presence in a champagne bubblebath with the Duke in A New Kind of Love (1963). ' How could I say 'no' when it's so much easier to say 'yes'? '

(7) Prince Danilo (Maurice Chevalier) to Sonia (Jeanette MacDonald) in The Merry Widow (1934): ' Your left eye says 'yes' and your right eye says 'no'. Fifi, you're cockeyed .'

(8) Vicky (Elizabeth McGovern) and Jerry (Beau Bridges) in Women & Men. Stories of Seduction (1990):
-- Vicky: ' My answer is N - O .'
-- Jerry: ' Feels like N - O - W to me .'

(9) Mrs. Emma Peel (Uma Thurman) and John Steed (Ralph Fiennes) in The Avengers (1999):
-- Mrs. Peel: ' I'm the sort that doesn't take 'no' for an answer .'
-- John Steed: ' I think that would depend entirely on the question .'

(10) Bill Dolworth (Burt Lancaster) spying of the revolutionary stronghold spots an old friend in The Professionals (1966): ' Lieutenant Sisi Chickita. Now there's a woman worth a ransom. She never says no .'

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