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C19 th British euphemism for copulate , based on see a homonym for the letter C , the first letter of cunt and copulation . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: Arabian Goggles, attitudes, beaver, beaver shot, berdache, blast off, Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, chancroid, circus, collar ad, come-hither eyes, comprehensive physician, crurormia, dacrylagnia, dacryphilia, daylights, depersonalization, donovanosis, drawers, easy on the eyes, easy to look at, eisoptrophobia, fursuit, gardnerella, goo-goo eye, Granuloma inguinale, grow on, hit on (someone), horny, HPV, human papilloma virus, hyperplasia, ithyphallophobia, make a move on, make a pass at, metophilia, on, other woman, the, P and P, pickup line, pimples and penetration, plough, plow, put the make on someone, put the moves on someone, saw off a chunk, saw off a piece, scabies, scabs, schwing, scopophobia, scoptophobia, second-hand dartboart, see-through, seeing-to, seekers, seers, sex-chauvinist, shrubbery, smooching, soft chancre, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), ten, TLC, velvet, venereal sore, Virginity Is Curable, VPL, zoophobia

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