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1. Colloquialism, since the early 1900s, for the female genitals including the pubic-hair , based on that animal's shiny black fur and flat-tail . See vagina for synonyms.

Quote: Bumper sticker : ' Be kind to animals, kiss a beaver .'

2. The female pubic-hair .

3. Short for beaver-flick , a pornographic-movie .
Synonyms: adult-movie ; beaver-flick ; beefcake-film ; blue-flick ; blue-movie ; bluey ; cock-movie ; cockfest ; dirty-movie ; flesh-flick ; fuck-film ; het-film ; horn-movie ; porno-film ; porno-flick ; porno-movie ; pornographic film; pornographic-movie ; skin-flick ; stag-movie ; X-rated-movie .
See also: beaver-loop ; boylies ; cinebonds ; cinema-XXX ; cinemarotic ; eroductions ; girlies ; leather-film ; pornchops ; pricktures .

4. A beaver-shot . Etymology: Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): ' Kilgore Trout, in Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions , defined a beaver as "the photo of a woman not wearing underpants and with her legs far apart so that the growth of her vagina could be seen." He then went on to explain that: "The expression was first used by news photographers who often got to see up women's skirts at accidents, sporting events, and from underneath fire escapes and so on . They needed a code word to yell to other newsmen and friendly policemen and firemen and so on , to let them know what could be seen in case they wanted to see it . The word was this: " Beaver! " '

See Also: adult movie, babe lair, Beave, The, beaver, beaver fryer, beaver patrol, beaver pose, beaver posse, beaver shooter, beaver shot, beaver trap, beefcake film, blue flick, blue movie, bluey, burgershot, cinebonds, cinema XXX, cinemarotic, cinemaroticism, cock movie, cockfest, dirty movie, eager beaver, flesh flick, fuck film, gynecologic spread, het film, horn movie, hot beaver shot, masturbation-female, porno film, porno flick, porno movie, pornographic film, pornographic movie, shot of beaver, a, skin flick, split beaver, split-beaver shot, spread beaver, spread shot, spreader, stag movie, three-legged beaver, wide-open beaver, X-rated films, X-rated movie

Quotes Containing beaver:
Lt. Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) is, presumably, looking up Miss Spencer's (Priscilla Presley) skirt who climbing up a ladder TO reach for a book but pulls a stuffed beaver instead in The Naked Gun (1988): - Lt. Drebin: 'Nice beaver .' - Miss Spencer: 'Thank you. I just had it stuffed. '

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