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1. Characteristic of, relating to, suitable for a friend.

2. Not hostile; favorably disposed; amicably; in the manner of a friend; companiable.
Synonyms: affable; affectionate; amiable ; amicable; attached; attentive; auspicious; beneficial; benevolent; benign; buddy-buddy; chummy ; civil; close; clubby; comradely; conciliatory; confiding; congenial; convivial; cordial; faithful; familiar; favorable; fond; genial; good; helpful; hospitable; kind; kindly; loving ; loyal; neighborly; on good terms ; outgoing; peaceable; peaceful; propitious; receptive; sociable; solicitous; sympathetic; tender; thick; welcoming; well-disposed; understanding; well-intentioned; well-meaning.

3. Cheerful; warm; comforting; kindly.
Synonyms: buddy-buddy; chummy ; cordial; dear; hospitable; sociable; warm; welcoming.

4. Easy to use or understand.

See Also: amiable, Andrew phenomenon, cap and blow, chummy, cuddle bunny, darling, dog, embrace, fraternize, friendly with, Juanita, kisseltoe, peck, pillock, see you next Tuesday, wifeable

Quotes Containing friendly:
Karen (R. Shugart) in Summer Job (1989): 'I can tell you're a man , and a friendly one at that, or that's a pickle in your pocket.'
Clifford Stern (Woody Allen), a married man , tells his niece Jenny (Jenny Nichols) about his infatuation with Holly Reed (Mia Farrow) in Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989): ''My heart says one thing my head says another. It''s very hard to get your head and heart together in life . (...) In my case they''re not even friendly .''

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