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1. Originally, sexual-intercourse .

2. Today, an innocent, friendly clasping with the arms.

See Also: beast with two backs, bi-gendered, canoodle, caress, cuddle, cuddler, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, dog-knotted, dog-locked, Kama Sutra, kiss of peace, make the beast with two backs, making the beast with two backs, necking, share a sexual embrace

Quotes Containing embrace:
Charles Panati. Sexy Origins and Intimate Things (1998): ''Seldom do men and women equally embrace a fashion trend, and when they do the mutual enthusiasm lasts only briefly. The opposite-sexes like being opposites in as many ways as possible. When French and Italian men began to be turned-on to the female leg in decorative high heels, they did not like to see the same erotic footwear on the feet of men. All but a few men stopped wearing high heels, which went from being a mans standard footwear to one of his favorite sexual fetishes. ''

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