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Code word synonymous with fetish . The code words: arts , cultures , way, especially when preceded by the name of a people or country , refer to specific fetishistic or deviant sexual practices. BDSMers sometimes refer to themselves as: ' I'm / we're into all the arts' . ' Dominatrix experienced in all cultures and fantasies .'

SYNONYMS: cultures ; way.
-- all-the-arts = sadomasochism
-- corporal-arts = sadomasochism
-- English-arts = spanking and caning (by extension sadomasochism)
-- French arts (cultures, way) = oral-genital-sex
-- Greek arts (cultures, way) = homosexuality and anal-sex
-- Italian arts (cultures, way) = anal-sex
-- Roman arts = orgies-- Russian-arts = coitus-intramammas
-- Swedish-arts = rubber fetishism
-- Turkish arts = deflowering .

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