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Said of someone of either sex who has had many sexual partners; this adjective is positive when applied to men but negative when applied to women.
See Also: adolescent homosexuality, agoraphile, agoraphobic, algophile, algophilia, ambivalence, amorist, anal virgin, arts, aspro, asspro, baby blues, bang it, be fruitful and multiply, bi-curious, blast off, bondagemaster, business boy, butyl nitrite, Can you insert a Tampax?, canned goods, chaste, cherry, cherry boy, come on over to the S & M side, comfort zone, coming, coming together, compulsive cruising, core gender identity, cultured, cultures, date of menarche, debut, defloration, deflowering, devirgination, diapiresalgia, die, earth moved, the, end pleasure, experience an orgasm, experience orgasm, fair treat, first-timer, FUBAR, gender identity, gynepiresalgia, hard-leg (whore), have a knee trembler, have a small stroke, hedonophobia, hole out in one, a, hot flash, hot flush, hot lay, human sexuality, IM, imagination, inexperienced, inorgasmic, main bitch, main lady, main piece, make the chimney smoke, male climacteric, masochism, melt, multiple climax, multiple orgasm, oldster, platonic, pop off, pre-orgasmic, pre-orgasmic woman, professional, pucker water, reach a climax, reach climax, reach sexual climax, rimadonna, ropemaster, rose among thorns, secondary syphilis, sexperience, sexperienced, shake and shiver, simultaneous climax, simultaneous orgasm, slither, spend, star of the line, tampered with, telophile, temperature eroticism, thrill, thrill and chill, untried, vaginismus, vampire sex, vampirism, vertigo, vicarious arousal, vicarphilia, Virginia, wap, Was it good for you too?, way, whip off, zoophobia

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