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1. Colloquial term for the hymen , a membrane that blocks the opening to the vagina . See hymen for synonyms. See also: deflower .

2. The state of being virginal; virginity .

3. A virgin ; a person, male or female, who has never experienced sexual-intercourse .
Synonyms: cherry-boy ; cherry-girl ; cherry-pie ; cherry-ripe .

Quote: Germaine Greer. The Female Eunuch (1970): ' The basic imagery behind terms like honey , sugar, dish , sweety-pie, cherry, etc. is the imagery of food. If a woman is food, her sex organ is for consumption also .'

4. Or: anal cherry , a person, male or female, who has never experienced passive anal-intercourse .
See also: anal-virgin ; bonbon ; cherry-boy ; cherry-picker ; Virginia .

5. Or: cherry-pie , a young girl or woman , especially a virgin , regarded as a sex-object .

Quote: Coco (Irene Cara) and Hilary Van Doren (Antonia Franceschi) talking about Leroy (Gene Anthony Ray) in Fame (1980):
-- Coco: ' Look, I'm not 'my dear'. You can fuck 'my dear' .'
-- Hilary: ' Well, thank you. That might be fun .'
-- Coco: ' That might be impossible. He's not into vanilla .'
-- Hilary: ' It might be a nice change from black-cherry .'
-- Coco: ' The darker the berry the sweeter the juice , honey .'
-- Hilary: ' Yes, but who wants diabetes .'

6. A synonym for new and unspoiled.

See Also: anal virgin, black cherry, bonbon, buster, canned goods, cherry, cherry pie, cherry ripe, food metaphor, kiss and be friends, kiss and make up, make up, masturbator, papa cherry, poppa cherry, Turkish delight, Virginia

Quotes Containing cherry:
Cherry Chester (Margaret Sullavan) and Anthony Amberton (Henry Fonda) in The Moon''s Our Home (1936) - Cherry Chester: ''Wait a minute. Have I told you about my temper?'' - Anthony Amberton: ''I''ve had complaints about mine.'' - Cherry Chester: ''We''ll fight every day.'' - Anthony Amberton: ''We''ll make-up every night.'' - Cherry Chester: ''I''ll leave you over and over again.'' - Anthony Amberton: ''I''ll always find you.''

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