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1. To be the recipient in sexual activity; the receptive, inactive or submissive partner , the receptor, insertee or fuckee in anal-intercourse as opposed to the active or aggressive partner .

2. In psychology, a person prone to dependency, seeking relationships in which to become passive-receptive or passive-dependent .

See Also: acokoinonia, active, active and passive, active castration complex, active sexual trauma, algolagnia, anal fetishism, anal virgin, angel, anus queen, arenokoites, arser, ass goblin, ass king, ass man, ass master, asshole bandit, Australian passive, Australian sex, b-boy, backswing, bagger double entry, Barbie, bend down, bender, bio boy, boong-moll, bottom, bottom man, bottom's up, bottomite, bottomless pool, bronc, bronc buster, bronco, bronco buster, bronk, brown boy, brownie king, brownie queen, browning queen, Browning sister, bucket, bucket boy, buff-boy, buggerling, buggershy, bull nurse, bum boy, bumping pussies, bun-bandit, butch bottom, butt-slut, catamite, catcher, cherry boy, chicken three way, chicken-on-a-spit, chocolate wings, chuffer, chut, devitalized relationship, docile, double-entry, double-gaited, effie, fairy lady, fellatee, fem, femme, filly, flippy, fluff, Fr pas, Fr/P, French passive, fuckee, fucker, fudy, futy, gazoony, Gr pas, Gr/P, Greek passive, gunsel, half and half, hit the sheets, homi-polone, hose, hot cross bun, ingler, insertee, inserter, insertor, into submission, KY queen, mamacita, master-slave, member of the Bottom family, molly dyke, Nanette, passive, passive Greek, passive partner, pathicus, peg-boy, pillow-biter, pinky, pitch, pogue, press the button, prushun, puer, reary, right hip pocket, rumpy, sailor's cup of tea, sandwich, sit on a face, slave, slavist, sodomite, stone femme, sub, succubus, sunnyside up, swish, tail bone, tail stew, take it, take it from behind, take it in, take the sheet, team player, threesies, toss freaks, toy boy, tribada, tribade, tribadus, twist, urninde, urning, Virginia, wear the kilt, wolfbagging, yin

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