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1. A man ; a chap or fellow; a lover .

2. A pejorative or admirative term of reference.

Quote: Sandy (Bette Midler) to a cop in Outrageous Fortune (1987): ' Does the phrase needle-dick , the bug fucker, mean anything to you? '

3. The active-partner in vaginal or anal-copulation as opposed to the fuckee , the passive-partner . See sodomite for synonyms.

4. The penis . See penis for synonyms.

5. A widely used insult for a despised or despicable person.

Quote: Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) to The Terminator (1984): ' You're terminated, fucker! '

See Also: anal fisting, asshole bandit, band rat, belly-queen, BUF(F), bufu, bug-fucker, FFA, fuckee, fucker, fucking, gut-buster, gut-butcher, gut-reamer, gut-scraper, hanky code, mastophallator, masturbator, mazophallist, needle-dick, ninnies-splitter, pheasant plucker, rub freak, rub-belly, rubber, tit-smacker, tit-wanker, titter

Quotes Containing fucker:
Sandy (Bette Midler) to a cop in Outrageous Fortune (1987): ''Does the phrase needle-dick , the bug-fucker , mean anything to you?''

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