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In gay terminology:

1. A male attracted to men with lean, structured bodies with muscled abdomens.

2. A male who prefers face-to-face intercourse by rubbing the penis against the body or belly of a partner , by inserting it in his anus , or by masturbating between his thighs .
Synonyms: belly-fucker ; rub-belly ; rub-freak ; rubber .
See also: a-buck ; a-bucking ; dry-fuck ; frottage.

See Also: amyl queen, B.Q., bay window, beer barrel, beer tumor, belly rub, belly-bump, belly-bumping, belly-fuck, belly-fucker, belly-queen, bellyrina, benrus queen, big dick queen, big hug, birdcage cleaner, bitch's Christmas, bitches' Christmas, bone smuggler, bottom-sucker, bow window, bread basket, canned fruit, corporation, dancer's belt, danse du ventre, derby kelly, dinner basket, DMQ, doodle gazer, DQ, ellybay, entertaining royalty, eyeball queen, false front, fellator, front exposure, frontage, GSQ, haricot, have a high belly, horrorform, icing expert, Johnny Queen, Lady Elgin, lookie freak, midsection, peek freak, peep freak, peer queer, penis length, pineapple princess, privy queen, queen, queen for a day, Queen of Sheba, Queen of Spades, road kid, roarer, royal jelly, rub freak, rub-belly, rubber, shadrack, shrimper, six-pack, size queen, size-ist, sniff queen, spy queen, stool pigeon, T-room queen, tea room queen, tearoom queen, throne queen, toilet queen, Toilet Tessie, trans fag drag, traveling salesman, treasure trail, tummy tuck, tummy-button, ventral-ventral position, washroom faggot, wear a high belly, wear the belly high

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