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A person who practices anilingus (licking and kissing a partner's anus).
Synonyms: asshole-bandit ; bean-queen ; birdcage-cleaner ; bottom-sucker; kitchen-cleaner ; kitchen-queen ; rim-queen ; Rimski; rimmer ; soup-sipper .
See Also: ampersand, Apostle's pinch, asshole bandit, b-boy, backswing, bar, birdcage cleaner, bottom, bottom's up, bottom-sucker, botty burp, boundaries, butch in the streets, captor and captive, kitchen cleaner, kitchen queen, leg spreader, mottob, power exchange, rimmer, Rimsky, soup-sipper, spreader bar, sunnyside up, T & B, topping from the bottom, tuna tins, two-way artist

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