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passive partner:

Sexual partner who prefers the passive or receptive role in anal-intercourse . See sodomite for synonyms.
See Also: active, active and passive, alvinolagnia, amychesis, angel, anus queen, arenokoites, ass king, ass man, ass master, Australian active, Australian passive, Australian sex, b-boy, backswing, bagger double entry, beef on the hoof, bottom man, bottom's up, bottomite, bronc, bronc buster, bronco buster, bronk, brownie king, brownie queen, browning queen, Browning sister, brutal breasting, bucket, bucket boy, bugger, buggerling, buggershy, bull nurse, bun-bandit, butch bottom, butt-slut, catcher, caught the scent, cheek bite, chicken three way, chicken-on-a-spit, chocolate wings, chuffer, coitus innuptus, coitus inter digitae, devitalized relationship, double-entry, effie, fellatee, Fr pas, Fr/P, French passive, fuckee, fucker, Greek passive, gunsel, hair-job, have to swim underwater to get away from it, hot cross bun, ingler, insertee, inserter, insertor, into submission, KY queen, main hole, mamacita, master-slave, molly dyke, passive, passive Greek, passive partner, pathicus, pitch, pogue, press the button, reary, rumpy, slave, sodomist, sodomite, spanking lovers, stomach fetish, sub, sunnyside up, tail bone, take a turn in the barrel, take it, tea bagging, team player, three decker, threesies, toss freaks, tribada, tribadus, tummy-fuck, urninde, urning, wolfbagging, yin, zelophile

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