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(1) A chap or fellow.
(2) A lover.
(3) The active-partner in vaginal / anal-copulation in distinction to fuckee, the receptive partner.
(4) The penis.
(5) A contemptible person.
QUOTE: James Joyce in Ulysses (1902): 'I'll wring the bastard fucker's bleeding blasted fucking windpipe!' LIMERICK. Ca 1927: 'There was a young lady named White / Found herself in a terrible plight / A mucker named Tucker / Had struck her, the fucker / The bugger, the bastard, the shite!'
Synonyms: dip-in-the-fudge-pot, fuck-in-the-brown, butt-plug, 66, 99, a-bit-of-brown, a-bit-of-ring, a-bucking, ace-fuck, anal-coitus, anal-copulation, anal-dance, anal-delight, anal-intercourse, anal-genital coition, anal-genital coitus, fuck up the ass, fuck where the devil fears to tread, fudge-packing, get some brown (surgar), get-some-mud-for-the-duck, get-some-round-eye, getting some round eye, go-Hollywood, going-down-the-dirt-road, going-down-the-Hershey-highway, going-up-the-ass, going-up-the-chute, going up mustard road, going-up-the-Hershey-Bar-road, go-up-the-dirt-road, going-up-the-mustard-road, going up the (old) dirt road, Greek (greek), Greek-art(s), Greek-culture(s), Greek-love, Greek-style, Greek-way, greeking, gut-reaming, guy-fucking, have-a-bit-of-bum, have-a-bit-of-navy-cake, have-a-bit-of-tail, Hershey-Bar-route, high-Greek, Hindustani-jig, hole-in-one, hole-it, hose, hot-dogging, impale, in-the-brown, in-the-saddle, Italian-culture, Italian-fashion, Italian-habit, Italian-way, keester-stab, kicking the back the door in, lay-the-leg, let's-play-52-pick-up, love that dare not speak its name, mix-your-peanut-butter, molly, moon shot (moonshot), (the) nameless crime, navy-style, ninety-nine, open-up-the-ass, open-up-someone's-ass, oscarize, pack-fudge, pack-some-mud, packing-mud, paint-the-bucket, part-cheeks, part-someone's-cheeks, penoanal-intercourse, penoanal sex, perve, phallate-per-rectum, pick-up-the-soap, pig-sticking, pipe, pitch, plank, play-chess, play-checkers, play-dump-truck, play-leapfrog, plug, popping it in the toaster, a pot of brown, pound someone's ass (butt or cheeks), pound the ass (butt or cheeks), proctophallism, pulling-the-train, pumping-off

See Also: Arschficker, ass-fuck / assfuck, buddy-fuck, BUF, BUFF, bug-fucker / bugfucker, feather plucker, FFA, fottere, frig / frigging, fuckee, fucker, fucking, JULF, pheasant plucker, PHKR, pig-fucker, rat fuck, star-fucker

Quotes Containing fucker:
'I want more life , fucker .' Android Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) to his creator Eldon Tyrell in Blade Runner (1982)
'You're terminated, fucker!' Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) to the Terminator (Arnold Scharzenegger) trapped in a hydraulic press in The Terminator (1984)
'Hey! Goddamnit, you stepped on my foot , you pig-fucker!' In The Spirit of Christmas (1995)
'Dude, don't say 'pig-fucker' in front of Jesus!' In The Spirit of Christmas (1995)
'Suave! Goddamn you're one suave fucker!' Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) in Blue Velvet (1986)
'I absolutely believe in God... and I absolutely hate the fucker .' Riddick (Vin Diesel) in Pitch Black (2000)

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