Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. The penis . See penis for synonyms.

2. To perform fellatio . See fellatio for synonyms.

3. The male and female urinary tubes; also the urethra .

4. Dated euphemism for the vagina . See vagina for synonyms.

5. Of a male, to perform anal or vagina copulation . See copulation and anal-copulation for synonyms.

See Also: cheese and kisses, cinch, doing the knuckle chuckle on the ol' piss pump, doing the knuckle shuffle on the ol' piss pump, doodle, five knuckle chuckle, five knuckle shuffle, fudge tunnel, knuckle shuffle on the ol' piss pump, pipes, plumbing, set of pipes, storm and stripes, sure thing, tail pipe, tailpipe

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