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Etymology: From the Latin copulâre , copulât- , to join together, copulatus ; being linked together; copula , link:

1. Sexual intercourse . The term is applied to the mating of hunans and animals. See copulation for synonyms.

2. Specifically, vaginal intercourse , in distinction to anal and oral-copulation .


(1) The OED attributes this quote to William Caxton (1483): ' Made one flesshe by carnal copulacyon .'

(2) William Shakespeare (1564-1616) King-Lear : ' Adultery? Thou shalt not die . Die for adultery! / No, the wren goes to't, and the small gilded fly / Does lecher in my sight. Let copulation thrive .'

(3) Andrew Wyke (Laurence Olivier) and Milos Tindle (Michael Caine) in Sleuth (1972): ' I'm in the pink of condition. I could copulate for England at any distance .'

(4) Charlotte Flax (Winona Ryder) implores God by crossing herself in Mermaids (1990): ' Please, God! Don't let me fall in-love and do one-of-those disgusting things .'

See Also: 3-Cs, 49, 66, 99, a bit of beef, a bit of bouncy-bouncy, a bit of brown, a bit of butt, a bit of cauliflower, a bit of cuddle, a bit of fat, a bit of flat, a bit of fork, a bit of front door work, a bit of fun, a bit of hair, a bit of hard for a bit of soft, a bit of how's yer father, a bit of it, a bit of meat, a bit of nifty, a bit of nobble, a bit of nookey, a bit of pork, a bit of raspberry, a bit of ring, a bit of rough, a bit of rumpty-tumpty, a bit of rumpy-bumpy, a bit of rumpy-pumpy, a bit of skin, a bit of snug, a bit of snug for a bit of stiff, a bit of stiff, a bit of the old in and out, a bit of the other, a capella, a dash up the channel, a knee trembler, a little o the one with tother, a little one-on-one, a piece of ass, a piece of flesh, a piece of fluff, a piece of goods, a piece of skirt, a piece of snatch, a piece of stuff, a piece of tail, a poke in the whiskers, a poke through the whiskers, a spot of Cupids archery, a spot of hard breathing, a spot of heavy breathing, a squeeze and a squirt, a straight shot, a-bucking, accommodate, ace fuck, act, act of androgynation, act of darkness, act of generation, act of kind, act of love, act of pleasure, act of shame, act of sport, active Greek, active sodomist, Adam-and-Eve it, adamize, afternoon delight, agonorgasmos, all the way, amorous congress, amorous rites, anal coitus, anal copulator, anal dance, anal delight, anal intercourse, anal job, anal lovemaking, anal-genital intercourse, anal-rape fantasy, analism, analize, androsodomy, anogenital intercourse, anophelophobia, anus queen, arenokoites, arts, ashes hauled, ask for the ring, ass goblin, ass-fuck, ass-fucker, ass-fucking, assault with a friendly weapon, asshole fucking, asshole plugging, at it, B.F., baby-making love, back jump, back scuttle, back-door boogie, back-door work, backgammon, backgammoner, bad thing, bag, bag of coke, bag up, bait the hook, bake potatoes, balaclava, bald journey, balling the jack, balls eye, baloney colonic, baloney hop, bam bam, banana, bananas and cream, bandicooting, bang, bang away, bang like a shithouse door (in a gale), bang like a shithouse door in the wind, banging, banging fudge, Barrer Moke, base fuck, bash leather, basket making, bat up, batter the sausage, bawdy banquet, bayonet drill, BB, BBQ'N, be intimate with, be with a woman, beanfeast, bear play, beast with two backs, beat with the ugly stick, beating (someone) with the ugly stick, bed down, bed down with, bed rite, bed someone, bed sports, bedtime story, bedwork, beef injection, behind door work, behind the behind, belly ride, belly slapping, belly warmer, belly-bump, belly-bumping, belly-to-belly, bellying, belt, bend down, bend over, bend some ham, bend someone over, best and plenty of it, the, between the sheets, biffin bridge, biffits bridge, biffon, biforatia, big F, the, big number, big time, biological event, bisecting the triangle, bit of beef, bit of bouncy-bouncy, bit of brown, bit of butt, bit of cauliflower, bit of cuddle, bit of cunt, bit of ebony goodness, bit of fat, bit of flat, bit of fork, bit of front door work, bit of fun, bit of hair, bit of hard for a bit of soft, bit of meat, bit of nifty, bit of nobble, bit of nookey, bit of pork, bit of quimsy, bit of raspberry, bit of ring, bit of rough, bit of rumpty-tumpty, bit of rumpy-bumpy, bit of rumpy-pumpy, bit of skin, bit of snug, bit of snug for a bit of stiff, bit of stiff, bit of stuff, bit of tail, bit of the old in and out, bit of the other, bit on the fork, biting dog, biz, black bagging, blanket hornpipe, blessing, block, blow job, blow off on the groundsels, blow off the loose corns, blow the groundsels, bludgeon, board, bob, boff, boffing, boink, boinking, bold thing, the, bone dance, bone in the bum, bone the bum, bone-on, bone-up, boning, bonk, bonking, boogie, boom-boom, bop, bore, boring a bud, bosco boulevard, bot, bottle, bottle merchant, bottom surgeon, bottom wetting, bounce (in bed), bouncing, bouncy-bouncy, box boy, box step, box the compass, boy-scout queen, bread buttered on both sides, break a lance with, break a peter on, break open the pie, breed, brim, bring someone off, broad-jumping, broaden someone's outlook, bronc, bronc buster, bronc rider, bronco, bronco buster, bronk, broom in a cave, brown, brown artist, brown boy, brown eye, brown eye pie, Brown family, brown hatter, brown hole, brown pipe engineer, brownie, brownie queen, browning, Browning family, Browning sisters, bubble, buckwild, buckwilding, buff-boy, bufu, bugger-arsed, buggering, buggerling, buggershy, buggery, bull session, bulling, bum fiddle, bum-fuck, bum-fucking, bumholerous fuckerous, bumming, bump and grind, bump bellies, bump bones, bump nasties, bump pelvis, bump uglies, bumping pussy, bumping uglies, bumps and grinds, bung-hole, bunghole, bunk-up, bunter, burgle, buried alive, burlap, bury face upwards, bury it, bury one's ring, bury the bishop, bury the bone, bury the bone in the backyard, bury the hatchet where it won't rust, bury the hobbit, bury the wick, bush patrol, bushwack, bust some booty, bust someone out, butcher, butt balling, butt bang, butt banging, butt fuck, butt fucker, butt in, butt play, butt plug, butt-fuck buddy, butt-fucking, butter and eggs, butthole raper, butthole surfing, buttock ball, buttock climber, buttock jig, buttock stirring, button, buttonhole work, buttplay, buzz, buzz the brillo, Cadbury alley, Cadbury avenue, Cadbury canal, Cadburys canal cruiser, californicate, calk, camel night, cane, carnal acquaintance, carnal connection, carnal engagement, carnal knowledge, carnal pleasures, carnival knowledge, carry-me-down, case, catamite, catch, catch an oyster, caterwauling, cattle, cattle truck, caulk, cavault, cavaulting, chafer, chamber combat, chamber games, change one's luck, changing your oil, charge, charver, chauvering, chaver, chemise cagoule, chicken-on-a-spit, chimney sweep, chocolate cha cha, chocolate chimney sweep, chocolate speedway, christen the yak, christening, chuck, chuck a tread, chunk, churn the butter, chutney ferret, cinnamon stick, clamp it silly, click, clicket, climb, club, cock, cock up, cockstupration, code brown, coit, coital, coital alignment technique, coital climax, coital orgasm, coition, coiture, coitus, coitus à cheval, coitus acceptus, coitus adulterinus, coitus analis, coitus bacchicus, coitus delicatus, coitus diurnus, coitus fecundus, coitus in ano, coitus in anum, coitus in the anus, coitus in the rectum, coitus innuptus, coitus interruptus, coitus legitimus, coitus maritus, coitus miscegenatus, coitus nocturnus, coitus per anum, coitus per rectum, coitus pluvius, coitus profundus, coitus prolongatus, coitus reservatus, coitus siccus, coitus sine ejaculatione, coitus sodomus, coitus sordidus, coitus usitatus, coitus vadosus, coitus variatus, coitus venenatus, coitus vetitus, coitus virgineus, Colonel Puck, colonial puck, colpectasia, colpochoresis, colt, come about, come across, come around, come over, coming and going, commerce, concubitus, congress, conjugal act, conjugal embrace, conjugal ordinary, the, conjugal relations, conjugal rites, conjugals, conjugate, connubial pleasures, connubial relations, consort with, consummate a marriage, consummate a relationship, consummate a union, converse, cool out, copping, copula carnalis, copula fornicatoria, copulate, copulating, copulation, copulative, copulatory, corking, corking the onion, corn on the cob, corn-hole, cornhole, cornholing, coronal extender, couch, couch rugby, couple, couple with, coupling, courtesy fuck, cover, crack it, crack the belly, cram, cranberry dip, craphole fuck, crawl, cream, Credo of the Jesuit, crow, cruising the Hershey highway, crumpet, cucumber rhumba, cuddle, cuddle-my-cuddle, cully-shangy, cunnotage, cunting, Cupid's archery, cure the horn, cush, cut, cut a side, cut a slice of the joint, cut off the joint, cutting a slice, daily, daily mail, daisy chain, dance, dance in the sheets, dance on the mattress, dance the beginning of the world, dance the blanket hornpipe, dance the buttocks jig, dance the goat's jig, dance the married man's cotillion, dance the matrimonial polka, dance the mattress jig, dance the miller's reel, dance the reels o' Bogie, dance the reels of Stumpie, dance the sheets, dance to the tune of shaking the sheets, dancing in the sheets, darb, dash in the bloomers, dash up the channel, daub of the brush, dead meat, deed, deed of kind, deed of pleasure, dehorn, delivering the wood, delivering to dirtbox drive, dibble, dick dip, dick someone, dick-teaser, dicky dunk, diddle, difficult brown, dig a ditch, dig in the wiskers, dig out, dinky tickle, dinner mashing, dip in the fudge pot, dip one's bill, dip the fly, dip the wick, dipping the wick, dirt roading, dirty deed, the, dirty thing, the, dirty work at the crossroads, discourse, discussing Uganda, disporting oneself, dive in the dark, dive into the dark, dive into the sky, diving in the sky, do, do a back fall, do a bit (of beef), do a bit of nifty, do a bottom-wetter, do a dive in the dark, do a dogs rig, do a flop, do a grind, do a kindness, do a leap, do a line with, do a nifty, do a perpendicular, do a push, do a rudeness, do a spread, do a stern job, do a tumble, do a woman's job for her, do an inside worry, do it the Greek way, do me nasty, do miracles, do number three, do one's kind, do one's office, do over, do slippery belly, do some good for yourself, do somebody, do the agreeable, do the bad thing, do the beast with two backs, do the big nasty, do the chores, do the deed, do the dirty, do the dirty deed, do the dirty thing, do the divine work of fatherhood, do the do, do the filth, do the grown-up thing, do the horizontal mambo, do the horizontal tummy bump, do the nasty, do the natural thing, do the naughty, do the pussy, do the rump-shaker, do the story with, do the thing, do the trick, do the tube-snake boogey, do the two-backed beast, do the ugly (deed), do the ugly-bumpy, do the wild thing, do what comes naturally, do what newlyweds do, dock, dog in the bathtub, dog's match, dog's rig, dog-fuck, doggy-dancing, doing, doing a perpendicular, doing it, doing the thang, Donald, donald duck, donut puncher, doodle, dot the I, double fire, double payment, double-gaited, drill, drilling for marmite, drive, drive into it, drive it home, drive it to home base, drive it up to Hilltop Drive, drive up to Hilltop Drive, driving Miss Daisy, driving the pink love bus into tuna town, drop one's drawers, drop ones load, drop the soap, dry bob, dry fuck, dry hump, dry rub, dung-puncher, dunk, dunk the dingus, dunk the dolphin, dunk the love-muscle, dunking, dunking the love muscle, Dutch treat, ear, ease, ease nature, ease oneself, edeapsis, eff, effie, effing, engage in marriage joys, engage in three to one (and bound to lose), enjoy, enjoy a man, enjoy a plaster of warm guts, enjoy a roll in the hay, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury alley, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury avenue, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury canal, enjoy a woman, enjoy favors, entertain, entertaining royalty, erotic congress, every night about this time, exchange bodily fluids, exchange DNA, exchange flesh, exercise one's marital rights, exercise the armadillo, exercise the ferret, F, F-ing, face-to-face mating, fall backward, fall in the furrow, fall to it, fart around, fart-catcher, fast breathing, favor, feather bed jig, federating, feed somebody's monkey, feed the bearded clam, feed the beaver, feed the cat, feed the clam, feed the dumb glutton, feed the dummy, feed the fish, feed the monkey, feed the pussy, feeding the bearded clam, ferk, ferret, fettle, fickey fick, fiddle-fuck, fidget the midget in Bridget, fig, file in the wrong box, filling the box, filling the juicebox, finger job, firk, firkin, first game ever played, fish supper, fishing for brown trout, fishing for kippers, fit, fit end to end, fit ends, fix her plumbing, fix someone up, fizzing, flesh, flesh it, flesh session, flippy, flop, flop in, flop in the hay, fluff the duff, fly-by-night, foining, folk-dancing, fool around (with), fooling around, foop, foot, foraminate, fore and aft, fore and after, fork, forking, fornicate, fornication, forty-niner, four-legged frolic, frail job, frat, fraternize, fratting, free one's hips, Friar Tuck, frig, frigging, front door work, fruit that made man wise, the, fuck buttock, fuck by the book, fuck in the ass, fuck in the brown, fuck one's brains out, fuck someone's brains out, fuck wise, fuck-a Jesuit, fuck-nutty, fuckee, fucker, fuckle, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, fudge packing, fug, fugging, fugle, fulke, fun and games, funch, funny business, furgle, futter, futuere, futy, futz, futz around, game of inches, gasp and grunt, gay house, gay in the legs, genital intercourse, get a bellyful of marrow, get a bellyful of pudding, get a crumpet, get a go at the creamstick, get a leg over, get a little, get a piece of ass, get a shot of leg, get a shove in one's blind eye, get a wet bottorn, get about her, get at it, get between the sheets with, get buckwild, get busy, get down to business, get down to it, get down with, get going, get hilt and hair, get home, get horizontal, get hulled between wind and water, get into, get into bed with, get into her pants, get into somebody's pants, get into the pants of, get it off, get it off with, get it on, get Jack in the orchard, get laid, get layed, get lucky, get mud for your turtle, get off the gun, get off with, get on, get on top of, get one leg over, get one's ashes hauled, get one's balls off, get one's banana peeled, get one's chimney swept (out), get one's end in, get one's end wet, get one's greens, get one's kettle mended, get one's leather stretched, get one's leg across, get one's nuts cracked, get one's nuts off, get one's oats, get one's oil changed, get ones end away, get ones jollies, get ones leg lifted, get ones leg over, get ones rocks off, get physical, get rigged, get shot in the tail, get sloppy, get some, get some action, get some area, get some ass, get some big leg, get some brown (sugar), get some cock, get some cold cock, get some cunt, get some goose, get some leg, get some mud for the duck, get some nookie, get some pussy, get some quim, get some round eye, get some slickem on your hangdown, get some soft leg, get some tail, get someone into the cot, get stabbed in the thigh, get stuffed, get the leg over, get the sugar stick, get the upshot, get there, get through, get to home plate, get to it, get together with, get up (the pole), get up the yard, get wild, get your end away, get your end wet, get your poker wet, getting a piece, getting bent, getting it on, getting laid, getting ones end away, getting plugged, getting run, getting skins, getting some skin, getting your leg-over, gift of one's body, give a bit of hard for a bit of soft, give a bit of snug for a bit of stiff, give a hole to hide in, give a shot of leg, give a thrill, give a woman a shot, give hard for soft, give her a bit of the other, give her a length, give her a past, give her a shot, give her a thrill, give her one, give him one, give it to (someone), give juice for jelly, give mutton for beef, give one a bone, give one a frigging, give one a jump, give one a past, give one a screwing, give one a shot, give one a stab, give one a tumble, give oneself (to), give pussy a taste of cream, give soft for hard, give some body, give someone the business, give someone the shaft, give someone the works, give standing room for one only, give the dog a bone, give the ferret a run, give the old man his supper, give up one's treasure, give way, glazing the donut, go all the way, go at it, go ballocking, go beard-splitting, go bed-pressing, go belly-thumping, go bird's nesting, go bum-tickling, go bum-working, go bush-ranging, go buttocking, go cock-fighting, go cunny-catching, go doddling, go doodling, go facemaking, go fleshing it, go for a horizontal jog, go Hollywood, go in and out like a fiddlers elbow, go in unto, go leather-stretching, go like a belt-fed motor, go on the loose, go on the stitch, go pile-driving, go prick-scouring, go quim-sticking, go rump-splitting, go rumping, go stargazing, go the length, go the limit, go the whole way, go through, go to bed with, go to Hairyfordshire, go to it, go to town, go to work with, go tromboning, go tummy tickling, go twat-faking, go up her like a rat up a drain, go up the dirt road, go upstairs, go vaulting, go with, goat's jig, going down the dirt road, going down the Hershey highway, going halvsies on an orgasm, going up the ass, going up the chute, going up the dirt road, going up the Hershey Bar road, going up the mustard road, going up the old dirt road, gombo, goose, goose and duck, Gr act, Gr pas, Gr/A, Gr/P, grabbing some snatch, grafting, grant a favor, grant favors, grant one's favors, grant sexual favors, grant the favor, grasp and grunt, gratify someone's desires, grease the wheel, greasing the pole, Greek active, Greek art(s), Greek culture(s), Greek fashion, Greek love, Greek passive, Greek style, Greek way, greeking, Greekling, grind, grind it, grind one's tool, grinder, grinding, groan and grunt, grostulation, ground rations, growl and grunt, grumble and grunt, grummet, gut reaming, gut-stretcher, H, hailing, half and half, half-and-halfer, half-virgin, halve the crack, hammer, hammering, hamming, handshaker, handy-dandy, hanging at the Y, hard breathing, hard-assed love, have a banana with, have a bang, have a beef injection, have a bit, have a bit of bum, have a bit of cock, have a bit of crumpet, have a bit of cunt, have a bit of fluff, have a bit of fork, have a bit of fun, have a bit of gutstick, have a bit of jam, have a bit of meat, have a bit of mutton, have a bit of navy cake, have a bit of pork, have a bit of rough, have a bit of skirt, have a bit of split mutton, have a bit of stuff, have a bit of sugar stick, have a bit of tail, have a bit of the creamstick, have a bit on the fork, have a blow through, have a bottom-wetter, have a brush with the cue, have a cuddle, have a cut off the joint, have a dash in the bloomers, have a double shot, have a fuck, have a good time, have a good time (with), have a hot roll with cream, have a jump with, have a knee trembler, have a live sausage for supper, have a naughty, have a nibble, have a piece of ass, have a poke, have a rattle, have a ride, have a roll in the hay, have a screw, have a shag, have a slice off the joint, have a tumble, have a turn on one's back, have an affair with, have carnal knowledge, have carnal knowledge of, have coition, have coitus with, have fun, have fun with, have hot pudding for supper, have intimate relations with, have it away with, have it in, have it off, have it off with, have one's banana peeled, have one's cut, have one's foul way with, have one's oats, have one's will with, have ones greens, have ones way with, have personal relations with, have relations, have relations with, have sex, have sex with, have sexual relations, have sexual relations with, have some pussy, have someone away, have the banana peeled, have union with, having a bit, having it off, having sex, he-ing and she-ing, heavy breathing, Hershey Bar route, Hershey highway, Hershey highwayman, hide the ferret, hide the salami, hide the sausage, hide the weasel, hide the wienie, high Greek, higher Malthusianism, hit skins, hit the kitten, hit the sack with, hitch to the wrong side of the post, hitchhiker on the Hershey Highway, hitting skins, hive it, hobble, hog, hole in one, hole it, home plate, home run, homi-polone, hone, honey fuck, honeyfuck, hook up, hop in the saddle, hop into bed with, hop into the horses collar, hop on, hop on a babe, hop up and down, horizontal, horizontal bop, horizontal dancing, horizontal exercise, horizontal folk-dancing, horizontal hula, horizontal jitterbug, horizontal jogging, horizontal mambo, horizontal refreshment, horizontal rumble, horizontalize, hormone fix, horry, hose, hosing, hot beef injection, hot dogging, hot lay, hot meat injection, hot roll with cream, hot tailing, huddle, hump, humpery, humpin' and bumpin', hunk of ass, hunk of butt, huntch, impale, in Cock Alley, in coitu, in copulo, in the box, in the brown, in the hay, in the kip, in the sack, in the saddle, in to the hilt, in-and-in, in-and-out, in-and-out jig, in-out, intercourse per anum, interior decorating, interior sledging, intimate relations, introduce Charlie, introduce the captain, introduce the captain to his pie, involved with, Irish way, Irish whist, irrigate, Italian culture, Italian fashion, Italian habit, Italian way, jab, janney, jape, jazz, jazz-fiddle, jeeping, jelly baby, jellyroll, jig, jig-a-jig, jig-jig, jigga-jig, jiggady-jig, jiggery pokery, jiggle, jiggling, jiggy-jig, jing-jang, jingle-jangle, job, jobbing, jock, Joe Buck, jog, join dissimilars, join giblets, join paunches, joining faces, joint, jolly ride, jolt, jottle, jounce, joy ride, juggle, juice for jelly, juke, jumble, jump bones, jump in the sack, jump someone's bones, jump up and down, keester-stab, keister-stab, kick it with, kicking the back door in, knee trembler, a, knick-knacking, knob it, knob-jockery, knobbing, knock boots with, knock it off, knock it out, knock off a piece, knocking boots, knocking the bottom out of, knot with, know, know someone biblically, know someone in the Biblical sense, labor leather, ladles' tailoring, lady feast, laid, laid, relayed and parlayed, lame duck, lap clap, laps around the track, last act, last compliment, last favor, last liberties, lay, lay down, lay off with, lay out, lay pipe, lay some pipe, lay somebody, lay the hip, lay the leg, lay the log, lay the track, lay tube, lay with the moon, lay your cane in a dusty corner, layed, leap, leap in the dark, leg business, leg over, leg sliding, let's Adam-and-Eve it, let's play 52 pick-up, lewd infusion, lib, lie feet uppermost, lie with, lift a leg, lift the heels, light the lamp, limit, ling grappling, link-sausage, lip work, little game of hide-the-sausage, a, lob, lob it, lob it up, lock in key, look at the ceiling, loose coat game, lose the last round, lose the match and pocket the stakes, love work, lovemaking, lovins, low Greek, lucky Pierre, make, make a statement in tail, make babies, make ends meet, make faces, make feet for children's shoes, make feet for children's stockings, make it, make it with, make love with, make one grunt, make out, make out with, make piggies, make someone, make the beast with two backs, make the bed springs creak, make the chimney smoke, make the scene, make the springs creak, make whoopee, making a deposit, making a dogs match of it, making a hit, making bacon, making faces, making feet for children's shoes, making feet for children's stockings, making it, making love, making out, making the beast with two backs, making whoopee, manhandle, marital duty, marital relations, marital rights, marriage joys, mash the fat, match ends, match with, mate, mate with, mating, matrimonial polka, mattress dancing, mattress jig, meat injection, meddle, mercy fuck, merry bout, mesh, mess about, mess around, mess around with, mess with, milk, mingle with, mish, mix your peanut butter, mixoscopic zoophilia, molly, monkey business, mooky, moon shot, morner, mort douce, mount, mow, muddle, multiply and be fruitful, mump, myrtle, mysteries of love, mysteries of Venus, naf, nail, nail two bellies together, naked sin, nasty, national indoor game, national indoor sport, nature's duty, naughties, the, naughty, naughty but nice, it's, naval engagement, navy cake, navy style, nest in the bush, nether work, nick-nacking, nidge, nifty, nig, niggle, night baseball, night exercise(s), night games, night physic, night work, ninety-nine, nip, nob, nobble, nock, nodge, non-orthogenic sex, nookey, nookey push-push, nooky, nooky push-push, nooner, nub, nubbing, nug, nugging, number three, nuptial rights, nurtle, off, oil change, old ball game, old dirt road, old in and out, the, old in-out, the, old one-two, the, old slap and tickle, on one's back, on the job, on the nest, one with the other, open one's legs, open up, open up someone's ass, open up the ass, open your legs, oscarize, other, the, pack fudge, pack some mud, packin' mud, packing mud, paint the bucket, parallel parking, park the pink cadillac, park the porpoise, part cheeks, part someone's cheeks, party, passive Greek, peel, peel one's best end in, peg, penisize, penization, penoanal intercourse, penovaginal intercourse, personal relations, pestle, phallactory act, phallate, phallate per rectum, phallating, phallation, phutz, phutzing, pick up the soap, pickle tickle, pickle-me-tickle-me, pickleville, piece of ass, piece of flesh, piece of fluff, piece of goods, piece of skirt, piece of snatch, piece of stuff, piece of tail, pig sticking, pile, pile driver, pile driving, pillow-biter, pin, pipe, pitch, pity fuck, plank, plaster of warm guts, play around (with), play at Adam and Eve, play at all fours, play at cock in cover, play at fathers and mothers, play at itch-buttocks, play at pickle-me-tickle-me, play at stallions and mares, play at tops and bottoms, play at up-tails-all, play belly-to-belly, play bouncy-bouncy, play checkers, play cock in cover, play doctor, play dump truck, play hide the hamster, play hide the salami, play hide the sausage, play hide the weenie, play in and out, play in the hay, play leapfrog, play mothers and fathers, play mummies and daddies, play night baseball, play one's ace, play one's ace of spade and receive the jack, play pickle-me-tickle-me, play rub-belly, play the first game ever played, play the national indoor game, play the organ, play the trombone, play the two-back game, playing around, playing twenty toes, plonk, plough, plough the back forty, ploughing the furrow, plow, plowing (the back forty), pluck, pluck and trim, plug, plug-tail, plugging, pluke, plumb (her depths), plumbing, pocket the red, poke, poke a stroke, poke in the whiskers, poke through the whiskers, poking, poking the bearded triangle, poking the fire, poking the pork, pole, pole vault, pole vaulting, pole work, poling, polish one's ass on the top sheet, pom-pom, poo jabbing, poon, poonj, poontang, pop, pop it in, pop-a-chop, popping it in the toaster nut, pork, porking, porking de ho, post a letter, pot of brown, a, poultice of warm guts, pound, pound leather, pound someone's ass, pound the ass, pound the butt, pound the cheeks, pound the mound, pound the pork, prang, pray with the knees upwards, press the flesh, prick-scouring, prig, prigging, proctophallism, prod, prong, proud, pudding, pudendal intercourse, pudendal pleasures, pudendal symphony, pulling the train, pully hawly, pumping, punch, punk, push, push in the bush is worth two in the hand, a, push in the truck, push on, push-push, pushpin, put and take, put four corners on the spit, put it in, put it in and break it, put it into, put it out of sight, put it to, put it to her, put the blocks to, put the boots, put the boots to, put the devil into hell, putter in the hole, putting on the pot, putting Percy to bed, quelch, quiff, quiffing, quim-sticking, quim-wedging, quimming, rake out, ram job, ram the dam, ram your rod, ramming, ranlum scrantum, rantipole, rantum scantum, rasher, rasp, rattle, ream, ream job, reamer, rear entry, redneck foreplay, reeling in the fish, regular trick, relations, reverse cowgirl, ride, ride a rantipole, ride rantipole, ride Saint George, ride St. George, ride the deck, ride the hobby horse, ride the spike, ride the wild pony, ride up the dirt road, riding St. George, riding the baloney pony, riding the elephant trunk of joy, riding the nag, rifle, ring around the rosey, ring snatching, rip her guts down, rip off, rip off a quick piece, rites of love, rites of spring, rites of Venus, road less traveled, rock, rock (someone's) world, rock and roll, rocking chair, rocks off, rocky roading, rodding, rodger, rodgering, roger, rogering, roll, roll in the hay, rolling about, Roman engagement, romp, romping, root, rooting, rootle, roust, rout, rub bellies, rub groins together, rub leather, rub offal, rub up, rub-a-dub, rubadub, rubbing bacons, rubbing uglies, rumble, rumbusticate, rummage, rump, rump work, rump-shaker, rump-splitting, rumple foreskin, rumpo, rumpty-tumpty, rumpy-bumpy, rumpy-pumpy, Russian duck, rutting, ryde, sacrifice to Venus, saddle it, sail into the wind, sailor's cup of tea, sard, saw off a chunk, saw off a piece, schtup, score, score between the posts, score with, scrapping, screw one's head off, screw the arse off, screw the ass off, screwed, jewed and tattooed, screwing, scrog, scrump, scrumping, scuttle, secret services, see, see stars, see the King, seeing-to, service, sew up, sex act, sex job, sexercise(s), sexlove, sexperience, sexpression, sexual act, sexual analism, sexual climax, sexual commerce, sexual communion, sexual concourse, sexual congress, sexual conjunction, sexual embrace, sexual intimacy, sexual knowledge, sexual liaison, sexual orgasm, sexual relations, sexual relief, sexual union, sexually explicit, shaft, shaft in the bum, shafting, shag like a rattlesnake, shag your lugs off, shagging, shake, shake the sheets, shaking, shaking the sheets, shame of shames, share a bed with, share a pillow with, share a sexual embrace, share one's bed, sheath the sword to the hilt, sheltering under the pink umbrella, shift-work, shit stabbing, shit the plug, shit-fuck, shoot at the back door, shoot between wind and water, shoot downstairs, shoot in the back, shoot in the brown, shoot in the tail, shoot the plug, shoot the star, shoot up the straight, shot at the back door, a, shot at the front door, shove, shoving the beaver with the lever, shtoop, shtup, Sin of Sodom, sing the sailor songbook, sink the brown, sink the pink, sink the sailor, sink the sausage, sink the soldier, sink the sub, sinking the battleship, sinking the pork sword, sinking the sausage, sinking the sub, siphnianize, sitting on it, sixty-six, skeeze, skewer, skin the cat, skin the live rabbit, skin the pizzle, skin-diver, sklook, skroging, slam, slam spunk, slamming, slap 'n tickle, slap and tickle, slap skins, slapping skins, sleep together, slice of damp, slice the legs off, slick and slim up the old dusty road, slip a length, slip her a length, slip her a quick crippler, slip her one, slip in, slip into, slip it to, slip it to her, slip one a hot beef injection, slip someone a length, slip-sliding away, slippin' and slidin', slither, smeg, smock service, smockage, smucking, snag, snap it, snap-on (tool), snapping pussy, snapping turtle, snib, snizzling, snug, sod, sodoma imperfecta, sodomant, sodomante, sodomite, sodomize, sodomy, sotadism, soul roll, spear the bearded clam, spend the night with, spinach queen, splat your fat, split a kipper, split some buns, split someone's buns, splitting the hamster, sport of the masses, sport of Venus, spot hard breathing, a, spread for someone, spread one's ass, spread one's cheeks, spread your legs, spreading the folds, spreading the mayo, spunk dump, square (someone's) circle, squashing the meat, squeeze and a squirt, a, stab, stab in the thigh, stable-my-naggie, stand a push, stand up job, stern approach, stern job, stick, stick it in, sticking it in and pulling it out, stir a little fudge, stir chocolate, stir fudge, stir shit, stir some shit, stir someone's chocolate, stir someone's fudge, stir someone's shit, stitch, straight lay, straight shot, straight trick, strap, strapping, stretch leather, stretch some jeans, strip one's tarse, stroke, stroll down Cadbury avenue, stroll down Cadbury canal, stroll down the Cadbury avenue, stroll down the Cadbury canal, strop one's beak, strum, stub your chub, study astronomy, stuffing, stup, subagitate, subagitation, sweep out the chimney, sweet agony, sweet death, swinge, swinging the ax, switchel, swive, swyve, tail one's guts out, tail wagging, tail work, tail-job, tail-tickling, take a roll with, take a trip around the parsley patch, take a trip to the moon, take a turn in Bushy Park, take a turn in Cock Alley, take a turn in Cock Lane, take a turn in Cupid's Alley, take a turn in Cupid's Corner, take a turn in the barrel, take a turn in the bush, take a turn in the Hair Court, take a turn in the hay, take a turn in the stubble, take a turn on Love Lane, take a turn on Mount Pleasant, take a turn on Shooters Hill, take a turn on the aphrodisiacal tennis court, take a turn through the stubble, take in and do for, take in beef, take in cream, take it, take it from behind, take it in, take it out in trade, take it up the ass, take Nebuchadnezzar out to grass, take someone, take someone to bed, take the Hershey highway, take the sheet, take the starch out of, take to bed, taking a ride, taking an albino piss, taking her temperature with a meat thermometer, talk, tampered with, tap, tar brush, target practice, team player, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), tell a French joke, tender agony, test the mattress, tether one's nag, thelysodomy, third way, thread, thread the needle, three decker, thrill and chill, throw, throw a boff into, throw a bop into, throw a buttonhole on, throw a fuck into, throw a leg over, throw a screw into, throw one a hump, throw one's dagger, throwing the pork, thrum, thrust, thumb, thump, tick-tack, tickle, tie the lover's knot, tie the true lover's knot, tiffing, tillage, tilting, tip, tip the long one, tom, tonk, tonking, tool it, tooling, tops and bottoms, toss a salad, toss in the hay, toss the salad, touch the toes, trim the buff, trip down the mine shaft, trip to the moon, trip up the Rhine, trolley and truck, tromboning, trot out one's pussy, trounce, trouser serpent in the grass, try it for size, try it on for size, tumble, tummy-tickling, tunnel, tup, turd bandit, turd burglar, turd packer, Turk, Turkish culture, turn, turn over, turn up one's tail, turnover, twang, twat raking, twatting, twiddle, twidget, twist a leg, two-handed put, Ugandan affairs, Ugandan discussions, ugly, ugly deed, the, ultimate favor, the, union, unite, unite oneself with, unmentionable vice, unnatural connection, unnatural debauchery, unnatural sexual intercourse, unnatural vice, up her way, up in you, up the apple-maker, up the ass, up the bosco boulevard, up the brown, up the bum, up the butt, up the chocolate highway, up the dirt road, up the mustard road, up the old dirt road, up the shitter, up the ying-yang, up to the bumper, up to the hilt, up to your apricots in kipperland, up to your nuts in guts, up-tails-all, uphill gardener, upright, upright grand, ups and downs, urolagnia, uts, vaginate, vagination, vagino-phallic interaction, vault, venereal act, Venerean mirth, venery, venture, wallow, wang, wap, warm one's bed, wear the kilt, wedge, western, western lay, wet bottom, wet one's wick, wet the worm, wetting the willy, whack it up, what Eve did with Adam, what mother did before me, whitewash, whitewash your guts, wienering, wiggle, wild ride on the baloney pony, wild thing, wind up the clock, wind-jammer, wingding, withdrawal method, wolfbagging, work the dumb oracle, work the hairy oracle, work up, worship at the back altar, wreck a rectum, wriggle navels, yard, yentz, yield one's favors, you-know-what, yum-yum, zig-zig, zinzanbruck, zorber

Quotes Containing copulation:
Det. MacArthur Stern (Gene Hackman) posing as Dr. Bolsef of the District of Columbia Health Department who wants to cite a couple for copulating without a condom in Loose Cannons (1990): ''I''m afraid I''ll hace to cite on under D .C. Statute 308 694 2-64.'' Regrettably, as it turns out , they''re all out of Indiscriminate Copulation Forms.

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