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1. To engage in any form of illicit sexual-intercourse , as between a spouse and an unmarried person or between two married persons who are not married to each other.

2. To have sexual-intercourse . Humorously defined by Frederic Mullally in The Penthouse Sexicon (1968): ' Nine-letter euphemism for four-letter euphoria .' See copulation for synonyms.

3. To engage in indiscrimitate and/or promiscuous sex .
Etymology: First recorded in Middle English about 1300. From the Latin fornax , meaning oven , kiln or fumace, and from fornix , meaning arch, vault or vaulted room, from the shape of Roman ovens, later the arched underground vaults of Rome, and finally a brothel , because the Roman vaults were used by poor, unskilled prostitutes.

See Also: be on the loose, boffer, bum-fighter, fornicator, gentleman of the road, go ballocking, go buttocking, go on the loose, go rumping, hot member, jolly member, loose, member, on the loose, root, whore-hopper, whoremongery

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