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Or: jolly-member / dearest-member / fornicating-member / member for Cockshire / male-member / master-member / privy member / unruly-member , the penis . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: 4-F-er, a bit of the other, adamite, Adult Verification Service, Age Verification Service, appropriate member, baby bust, Back Drop (Club), ballum rancum, band rat, behavioral transsexualism, bit of the other, boyz, brethern, brother, brothern, church member, click, click right off the bat, cockshire, coitant, coitante, cum membro artificiali, fag-lang, faglish, fugitive from a chain gang, fursuit, Gail, gay lingo, gay slang, gaylese, gaytalk, gender variant, heterosociality, homogenitalism, homogenitality, homosociality, hot member, jazz baby, jazzed-up jane, jazzy jane, jazzy number, jolly member, lady, lib, libber, mankind, masturbate, member, Member for Cockshire, membrum virile, membrum virile erectum, membrum virile flaccidum, MOTAS, MOTOS, MOTSS, Nervo and Knox, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, palimony, Papist, Privy Member, queen's vernacular, scabies, scabs, sexual preference, sistern, sistren, standing, tertium quid, transcengender, transgendered, transgressively gendered, tribada, tribade, tribadus, unruly member, virile member, warm member

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