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menstrual cloth:

A sanitary pad or tampon.
See Also: annular hymen, bleed, Bloody Mary, cardinal has come, the, cat rig, clit clot, cow-pad, danzanol, destructive phase, domestic afflictions, feminine matters, flood, flowers, the, friend has come, gee-string, hell week, IMB, infertile period, intermenstrual bleeding, looks like a wet weekend, monthlies, monthly blues, monthly causes, monthly courses, monthly cycle, monthly flowers, monthly term, nuisance, the, prick rag, red-haired visitor, roses, stormy weather, tail flowers, Tampax time, terms, those days of the month, time of the month, that, to be late, to be over ones time, Veronica's veil, visit from (Aunt) Flo, visit from my sister, visitor, visitor with the red hair has come, wet day, wet week, women's terms, women's thing

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