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member of the Bottom family:

1. Jocular coinage for a practitioner of passive anal-intercourse . See sodomite for synonyms.

2. Disparaging and offensive name for a male homosexual .

See Also: Apostle's pinch, behavioral transsexualism, bit of the other, botty burp, boundaries, butch in the streets, captor and captive, church member, coitante, cum membro artificiali, fam, hot member, in a family way, in the family way, jolly member, mankind, marry into dough, member, Member for Cockshire, membrum virile, membrum virile flaccidum, MOTAS, MOTOS, MOTSS, mottob, Papist, philantropy, power exchange, Privy Member, sexual preference, T & B, topping from the bottom, tribada, tribadus, true confession, tuna tins, two-way artist, unruly member, virile member

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