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1. Relating to or characterized by a sexual-orientation (love or desire) for people of the same sex .

2. A person who is sexually or romantically attracted only to people of the same gender .
ETYMOLOGY: Coined in 1869 by a Hungarian physician named Karoly Maria Benkert from the Greek homos and the Latin sexus, meaning same sex . It entered the English language in 1892 through C . G . Chaddocks translation of Krafft-Ebings Psychopathia Sexualis . The term first appeared in US medical journals in the 1890s, and began appearing in general usage in the 1920s. Historical trivia: In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.
Usage: Homosexual(ity) has long been regarded as etymologically incorrect and confusing being based on the Greek homos , meaning same as, and the Latin homo , meaning man , in which case it excluses women. For this reason but also because of the prejudice attached to it , many terms have been suggested as gender-neutral substitutes for homosexuality including: controsexual , herosexual , homogenic , homoism , homophile , homophylophilia , intermediate-sex , intersexual , isosexual , simulsexual . Other words are gender-specific: androtrope (male homosexual), gyneotrope / gynaeocotrope (a female homosexual), feminosexual (a lesbian , as opposed to homosexual , male homosexual).SEE ALSO: hypothalamus .


(1) Mae West: ' A homosexual is a female soul in a male body .'

(2) Gay slogan: ' Homosexuality is not a four-letter-word .'

(3) Boris Grushenko (Woody Allen) in Love and Death (1975): ' Some men are heterosexual , and some men are homosexual, and some men don't think about sex at all. They become lawyers .'

(4) Russell (Harold Ramis) to the recruiting sergeant in Stripes (1981): ' No, we're not homosexuals, but we're willing to learn .'

(5) Opal Gilstrap (Raye Dowell), a lesbian in She's Gotta Have It (1986): ' You're not born a lesbian or heterosexual . Both traits are within us. We all have the potential to go either way .'

(6) Murray (Donald Faison) to Cher Hamilton (Alicia Silverstone) about her friend in Clueless (1995): ' Your man Christian is a cake-boy. (...) He's a disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holder friend of Dorothy. Know what I'm saying? '

See Also: 175er, 6-to-9, 69er, a bit ginger, a bit on the Wilde side, absolute code, absolute inversion, absolute invert, ace gear, ace queen, adolescent homosexuality, afgay, afghan, African queen, agfay, aging actress, alternative lifestyle, ambibiosis, ambisexual, ambisexuality, ambivalence, amphierotic, amphieroticism, amphierotism, anal buccaneer, anal injector, anal joyrider, anal stormtrooper, androtrope, angel, angel with a dirty face, Angelina sorority, ansy-pay, arse bender, arse pirate, aspro, ass boy, ass leech, ass pirate, ass-bandit, ass-fucker, ass-gunner, asshole buddies, asspro, athenian, aunt eater, aunt fancy, aunt Mame, aunt Mathilda, auntie queen, back seat driver, back-door conquistador, backgammon, backgammon player, backs against the wall!, backs to the wall chaps!, backside artist, badido, balls like a scoutmaster, banana, banana car, bath house, bats for the other side, batter, batting for the other side, batty boy, battybwoy, battyman, bayot, be outed, beads, beanor, beard, beard flit, beating fantasies, Beaulah, beef, beef banana boy, beefer, bender, benny house, benrus queen, bent, bent as a nine bob note, Bertie, bessie, Beulah, Beulah-lover, bi-curious, biastophile, biastophilia, big girl flamboyant, bisexual, biting daddy, blade, bleeding dirt, blown all over the map, blue discharge, blueberry pie, body lover, body queen, boong-moll, boot slave, boss-queen, bottle of scent, bottle opener, botty boy, botty man, bowls from the Pavilion end, boy fag, boy's smoking house, Brighton Pier, bronc, bronco, bronk, brother, brought out, brown artist, brown Betty, Brown family, brown hat, brown hatter, brown pipe engineer, brownie, Browning family, Browning sisters, bruise the fruit, buccaneer, buckaruby, bufu, bull nurse, bum boy, bum jockey, bum plumber, bumhole engineer, bumjuicer, bunghole basher, bunter, business boy, butch in the streets, butch-queen, butt fucker, butt pirate, butt slammer, butterfly queen, butterfly ring, cake boy, call boy, camp, camp as a row of tents, camp bitch, camp culture, camp queen, campery, canned fruit, cannibal, capon, Carmen(cita), catamite, catapygon, cedarchest sissy, chain fuck, chain gang, change one's luck, Charley, cheap thing, cherry picker, chewese, chichi, chick with dick, chicken freak, chicken hunter, chicken kisser, chicken lover, chicken plucker, chicken queen, chicken-fancier, chicken-of-the-sea, chin-strap, chocolate bandit, chocolate bunny, chocolate lover, chocolate lumberjack, chuff chums, chuffer, church, church member, chutney ferret, circle the circus, circus, civet, Clarence Coon, clean queen, clock, clocked, closet case, closet dyke, closet gay, closet queen, closet queer, closet shakedown, closet, the, closeted, club date, coal burner, cock knocker, cock sucker, cock-suckerish, cock-tail, cock-teaser, cockquean, cocksucker, cockteaser, cognoscenti, colon commando, comfort for the troops, coming out of the closet, commercial trade, confused, contrasexual, controsexual, corned beef inspector, cornholer, cosmetic intuition, cotquean, cottage, cottaging, countess, covert homosexual, crack salesman, crafty butcher, crime against nature, cross-dressing, crushed fruit, curry queen, daffodil, daisy, daisy chain, daisy ring, dandy, dandysette, dark meat, dash, dazzle the audience, dead eye dick, deadeye dick, defemination, den (of sin), deprivational homosexuality, deviant, deviate, dick peddler, dick-licker, dicky-licker, dicky-taster, Dilly, dilly boy, dilly dude, diners' shore, dinge queen, dirt tamper, dirty lay, ditsoon, DMQ, do-me queen, doll-tits, Don Juan syndrome, Don Juanism, donut puncher, doodle gazer, dorian, dorian lover, Dorothy's friend, drag hustler, drag party, drives on the other side of the road, drop beads, drop one's hairpins, dry queen, dung-puncher, dyna, eer-quay, effemination, effeminative, Egyptian queen, English method, excremental engineer, express queen, eyeball queen, fag, fag bag, fag factory, fag hag, fag stag, faggot, faggot worker, faggot's moll, faggoty, faggy, fagola, fairy, fairy lady, fallen star, fancy man, fancy-pants, fart-catcher, fay, faygeleh, fegelah, fem, female-identified, female-oriented, feminosexual, femme, feygelah, fifth wheel, fifty-nine, fifty-nining, fish queen, fishwife, fist-fucker, flamer, flaming, flaming asshole, flaming bitch, flaming fruitbar, flea bagger, flinking, flit, flitty, flower house, fluff, flute, fluter, foop, fooper, four-letter man, freak, freejack, French language expert, fresh meat, Friend of Dorothy, frit, front marriage, fruit, fruit plate, fruit-fly, fruitcake, fruiter, fruity, fudge packer, funny man, gander, gas queen, gay, gay bachelor, gay bashing, gay girl, gay liberation, gay old dog, gay rights, gay trade, gaycat, gayness, gazoony, Gertrude Brown, geycat, Ginger, ginger beer, girl, gladiola, go over, gobette, goes the other way, grandma, Greek culture(s), grimm's fairy, gump, gut-fucker, hag, hairy Mary, half a man, half and half, half-husband, hand queen, haricot, hat, he/she, herosexual, Hershey bar, heterosexual, hidden queen, high enough, highway queen, him-her, himmer, hint of lavender, hint of mint, hit the sheets, hitchhiker on the Hershey Highway, ho, hoe, homo mollis, homo-, homo-lover, homocoitus, homoerotic, homoerotophobia, homogenic, homogenitalism, homogenitality, homophile, homophobia, homos, homosexology, homosexual, homosexuality, honey, horse's hoof, Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver, hygiene hall, hypothalamus, in the closet, in the game, in the life, insertor, inspector of manholes, intermediate sex, intersexual, invert, Irish by birth by Greek by injection, iron, iron closet, iron hoof, isosexual, jaihouse turnout, jaisy, jam duff, jaw queen, jock and boxer, jock hole, Johnny Queen, jungle meat, kabuki, Kinsey One, Kinsey Six, knob polisher, knobber, Lady Elgin, lady lover, lavender, lavender boy, lavender convention, left-handed, lesbian, life, lily, linguistic exercise, lookie freak, macho-fem, madge, male-identified, male-oriented, man lover, manhole inspector, mariposa, meat hound, member of the Bottom family, men's magazine, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, midnight queen, miner, Miss Nancy, mixed fruits and vegetables, molly, mollycoddle, monoclinous, Morticia, muzzler, nan-boy, nance, nancy, nancy boy, necrofellow, negrera, nine bob, nola, old hen, old queen, omnisexual, one of those, oscar, oscarize, oscarizing, out, outed, pansexual, pansy, pansy ball, pantywaist, Paris brothers, pato, payoff queen, pee willy, pee-pee lover, peek freak, peep freak, peer queer, peg house, peg-boy, penile colony, pillow-biter, pineapple princess, pineapple queen, pink panther gay libber, pink tea, pix, play both sides of the fence, pogue, poke, poo jabber, poo pusher, pood, poof, poofta(h), poofter, poove, poovy, poud, pouffe, pouve, pretender to the throne, pretty-boy, prosodist, prune person, prushun, puff, puss gentleman, Q, quaedam, queen bee, Queen Mary, Queen of Scotch, Queen of Sheba, Queen of Spades, queenie, queer, queer as a football bat, queer as a nine bob note, queer as a nine-dollar bill, queer as a square egg, queer as a three-dollar bill, queer fellow, queerie, queervert, quickie station, ranchera, rancid flower, raptophilia, right-handed, ring-tail, road kid, roarer, Roman night, same gender oriented, same sex lover, scalp hunter, screaming bitch, screaming queen, secko, semen goober smoocher, sexoschizia, sexual identity, sexually confused, sexually transmitted disease, SGO, shadow of a woman, shadrack, sharpen the pencil, she-man, she/he, show house, show one's true colors, shrimp queen, shrimper, simulsexual, sis, sissy, sixty-niner, sixty-nining, size queen, skillet queen, skin room, smearing the queer, smockface, sodomite, soiled senior citizen, spooney, spoony, spy queen, Stoke-on-Trent, Stonewall Uprising, The, stool pigeon, straight, suck-queen, suck-sucker, sunkist queen, Swedish, swing both ways, swish, switch-hitting, T-room queen, tail-tickling, tan-tracker, tart, tautaner, tea room queen, teahouse of the August moon, tearoom queen, tell the folks, temperamental, tender talent, tenderfoot, tertium quid, third set, third sexer, three-dollar bill, three-legged beaver, three-letter man, throne queen, tickle your fancy, Tijuana queen, toilet queen, token chicken, token-fag queers, token-queer, tondalayo, tooty-frooty, toy boy, transitional bisexuality, transvestism, transvestitism, truck driver, true confession, tubs, tulip, tumble a fruit, tuned in to another channel, turd bandit, turd burglar, turd packer, Turk, turn the corner, twilight, twilight boys, twilight lads, twilight men, twilight personality, twinkle-toes, twit, uncle, undercover fag, undercover man, undercover punk, undercover sissy, uranian, uranist, uranophobia, urning, vache, vegetable, Venus flytrap, Venus observa feminae, Virginia, visitor to Marmite valley, visitor to Vegemite valley, vom Anderen Ufer, wack job, waiter, wall queen, wannabe, warm bruder, warme schwester, watch queen, whack job, wheelchair set, wheelman, whorella, wibbly, widowed aunt, Wilde Oscar, wildeman, willie woofter, wind-jammer, wonk, wooftah, woofter, wooly woofter, wreck, wrecked, wrecking company, Xerox queen, yellow-stream queer, yeomanette, youwho!, zanie, Zulu princess

Quotes Containing homosexual:
Mae West: ''A homosexual is a female soul in a male body.''
Boris Grushenko (Woody Allen) in Love and Death (1975): ''Some men are heterosexual , and some men are homosexual , and some men don''t think about sex at all. They become lawyers.''
Boris Grushenko (Woody Allen) in Love and Death (1975): ''Some men are heterosexual , and some men are homosexual , and some men don''t think about sex at all. They become lawyers.''
Boris Grushenko (Woody Allen) in Love and Death (1975): ''Some men are heterosexual , and some men are homosexual , and some men don''t think about sex at all. They become lawyers.''

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