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1. Of a male, to copulate (with) a woman . See copulation for synonyms.

QUOTE: Miss East (Balling) to Jim West (Will Smith) in Wild Wild West (1999): ' Are you a dangerous spy of some sort or just a handsome cowboy who likes to poke around? '

2. To penetrate with the penis .

3. In gay terminology, a true or stylized homosexual cowboy , based on cowpoke.
SYNONYMS: buckaruby ; ranchera .

See Also: backhand drive, bag of coke, Barrer Moke, blue jews, buckaruby, camp culture, cob, jiggery pokery, masturbation-female, poke, poke pants, pokes, ranchera, rootle, rout, shitter, tea towel holder, tic-tac smuggling, tic-tacs, turtle, turtle head, turtle's head, up

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