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Since the 19 th century, a polite or humorous term of reference for the female breasts. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.
See Also: a bit of the old in and out, aculeophallic, acupressure, adelophilia, agomphathymia, alamo!, allotriorasty, anagapesis, aneroticism, anhedonia, Antipodes, ass hound, bias-free, breast man, casimeria, casket freak, catasexuality, cheek bite, chick flick, climax, clunicentric, cnemopalmia, cock-teasing, cockteasing, contrapunctum, crurocentric, crurophilous, cupboard love, dibby-dibbies, erotologist, geography, homoeroticism, hyposexuality, ipserotic, leg man, look at the ceiling, love all to pieces, moonstruck, Morticia, necrofellow, needle, push-push, sex arousing, sex something up, sexually arousing, snuggy, streamlined, tattoo queen, tinkler-belle, tit man, tits man, titty bug, touche pipi, tourist, undy-grundy, work up

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