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Either of two protuberant, milk-secreting glandular organs on the front of the chest in the human female. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms. See breast [SYN] for synonyms.
Etymology: Indo-European bhreus , to swell or sprout, into the Old English breost and the Middle English brest .


(1) Eve (Eva Marie Saint) and Roger (Cary Grant) in North by Northwest (1959):
-- Eve Kendall: ' I'm a big girl!'
-- Roger Thornhill: ' Yes! In all the right places to .'

(2) George (Ian Bannen) raising a toast in Hope and Glory (1987): ' I'm seventy-three years old. I've seen half the wonders of the world and I never laid eyes on a finer sight than the curve of Betty Browning's breasts .'

(3) Juliet Forrest (Rachel Ward) comes to after fainting to find Rigby Reardon (Steve Martin) fondling her breasts in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982):
-- Juliet: ' What are you doing? '
-- Rigby: 'Adjusting your breasts. You fainted and they shifted all out of whack . There .'

(4) Harris B . Telemaker (Steve Martin) and SanDeE (Sarah Jessica Parker) in L.A. Story (1991):
-- Harris: ' SanDeE, your breasts feel weird .'
-- SanDeE: ' Oh, that's because they're real .'

(5) Harriet Michaels (Nancy Travis) and Charlie Mackenzie (Mike Meyers) in So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993):
-- Harriet: ' What do you look for in a woman you date? '
-- Charlie : ' Well, I know everyone always say a sense of humor, but I really have to go-with breast size .'

(6) Frances (Grace Kelly) picnicking with John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief (1955): ' Do you want a leg or a breast? '

(7) The Koran: 'The womans breast nourishes the child and gladdens the father .'

Synonyms: hooters, howitzers, hubbies, Irish-draperies, ivory-hills, jaboos, jabs, jalobies (B/N), jellies (B), Jersey-Cities, jibs, jiggle-bosoms, jigglers, jigglies, jobblies, jobblies, jubbies, jublies, jubblies, jubes, jugs, juicy-peaches, jumblaaters, jumbos, kahunas (kahoonas) (L), kajoobies (B), kettledrums, kitten's-noses, knackers, knick-knacks, knobs (B/N), knobbies (B/N), knockers, lactoids, lactopoietic-glands, lemons, Lewis-and-Witties, little-drinks, loaded, loaves, loblollies, lobular hemispheres (L), lollies, lollos, love blobs (B), love-bubbles, love-buds, love-muffins, love pads (B), love-pillows, loves-strawberries, lovelies, lovely-bunch-of-cokernuts, lulus, lumps, lung-nuts, lung-warts, lungs, M-&-Ms, Mae West (B), maiden-pinks, majonkers, mamas, mamazulons, mamilla, mammaries, mammary-glands, mammary-mounds, mammets, mammilate, mammilia (N), mams, mamms, manapuas, Manchester City (Manchester Cities) (B), manchesters, mangoes, maracas, marshmallows, Mary-Poppins, masob(s), massive-mammaries, mastos, mastunculi, matched set (B), mazoomas, mcguffies, meat-loaves, meat-market, meatballs, meguffies, melons, memories, mesoseinia, mezoomas, midgies, milk-bar, milk-bags, milk bottle (L), milk-buckets, milk-churners, milk factories (B), milk glands (B), milk-jugs, milk-sacks, milk-shop, milkers, milkshakes, milky-way,-the, mimpins, mochi-hills, mods-and-rockers, mollicoes, molehills, mollies, moon-balloons, mosob(s), mosquito-bites, mounds, mounds-of-lilies, mount-of-lilies, mount-everests, mountains, muffins (S/B), mulligans, mumbas, murphies, nackers, nacks, nancies, nards, nature's-founts, nay-nays, nenes, niblets, nice-handfuls, nice-pair-of-eyes, nice-puppies, nice-set, nick-nacks, ninnies (S/N), ninny-jugs, nippers, nipply, nipply-doo-dahs, nips, niptastic-mate, nittits (S), nobs (B/N), nodules, noogies, Norgen-Vaazes, norgies, norgs, norks, Norma Snockers (B), nubbies, nubbins, nubs, nuggets, nuggies, nugs, num-nums, nummies, nums, nungers, nupies, of-classic-proportions, oomlaaters, oranges, orbs, orbs-of-snow, other-parts, ottomans, over the shoulder (L), overblaaters, pair, pair-of-Cupids-kettledrums, pair-of-headlights, pair-of-kettledrums, pair of mammaries (B), palookas, palpable-characters, pancakes, panters, pantry-shelves, pap-heads, papayas, papilla, paps (B/N), pasties, peach-of-a-pair, peaches, peaks, peanuts, pears, pechitos, pectoral-bubbies, pectoral-bulges, pectoral-eminences, pectoral-excurvations, pectoral-handfuls, pectoral-ninnies, pects, peepers, pendulant-breasts, perkies, personalities, picayunes, piggies (B/N), pillows, pimples, pimples-on-a-chest, pimples-on-the-chest, pips, Play-Doh, pleasant-eminences, plumpies, plungers, pneumatic-bliss, pointers, points, points-of-interest, pokers, pom-poms, pontoons, poonts, porcelain-spheres, potatoes, poundering-complexities, pretty-lungs, pride-and-joy, prominent-bosom, pumpkins, pumps, puppies, pus-glands, pygmies'-cocks, queenies, racks, rasberry ripple (N), raspberries, rib-cushions, rising-beauties, rocks, roplopos (B), rosebuds, roundies, runts, sandbags, saggers, saggy-pig-tits, sagging-summer-squash, scar-crossed-prunes, scones, scoops, semiglobes, set, set-of-jugs, shakers, shimmies, shock-absorbers, shoulder-boulders, shop (B), skin-sacks, slugs, smarties, smosabs, smudges, smurfs, snorbs, snuggle-pups, soft-cadaby, softest-part-of-a-woman's-torso, speed-bags, speed-bumps, spheres, spuds, squashy-bits, spooters, stacked, stacks, stits, stonkers, strawberries, stubs, stuffing, superdroopers, superdupers, sweater-dandies, sweater-meat, sweater-treats, sweaterful, sweet-glands, sweet-line, sweet-rolls, sweets, swingers, tabs, tale-of-two-cities, tamales, tatas, tater-tots, teacups, teats, tetinas, tetitas, tetons, thousand-pities, threepenny bits (B), threateners, tic-tac-smuggling, tic-tacs, tidbits, ties (B), tiskies, tit-bits, tit-for-tats, tit-tips, titch, tits (B/N), tittens, titties, TNT, Tom tit (L), tomatoes, toora-loorals (toraloorals) (B), tooters, top ballocks (or top buttocks) (B), top-balls (B), top-heavy, top ones (top 'uns) (B), top-set, top heavy (L), topside, toraloorals, torpedoes, towns-and-cities, tracy-bits, tray-bits, treasure-chest(s), tremblers, turrets, twangers, twin lovelies (peaks) (B), twins,-the, twin-hills, twin-lovelies, twin-peaks, two-beebees-on-a-bread-board, two-raisins-on-a-bread-board, two-on-the-town, two-rounded-hillocks, twofers, udders, umlauts, uglies, upper-deck, upper-decks, upper-regions, upper-works, ups, upstairs, valley, vavooms, veiled-twins, very-best, voos, wagons (B), waldos, wallopies, wammers, wares, warheads, warts, waterbags, watermelons, waawaas, wazzojugs, whammers, whamdanglers, whoa-mammas, whoppers, wobblers, wobbly-bits, woman's bunnies (B), wombies, wooly-west, wongas, world, yabbos, yams. (B), yummies, zaftig, zeppelins, zeps, zoftig, NIPPLES = (N), SMALL BREASTS or SMALL BREASTED = (S), LARGE BREASTS or LARGE BREASTED = (L), 44s, air-bags, ample-bodied (L), amply-endowed, apple-dumplings, apple-dumpling-shop, apples, appurtenances, assets, atom-bombs, attitudes, babaloos, babooms, baby-bar,-the, baby bumpars (B), baby-pillows, babys-dinners, babys-public-house, bags (of mystery) (B), bajongas, balcony, ballasts, balloons, baloobas, bamboochas, bangers, baps, barbettes, barges, basket-of-goodies, bawangos, bazongas, bazongies (L), bazonkers, bazookas, bazoomas, bazoombas, bazooms, bazoomy, bazoongies, bazumbas, B-cups, bean bags (beanbags) (B), beausom, beauties, beauts, bee bites (S/N), bee stings (S/N), beef-bags, begonias, bejonkers, bell-peppers, bellys, berks, berkleys (berkeleys) (B), berries, berthas, bezongas, BSHs (B), bibble-chunks, big-brown-eyes, big-browneys, big-chester, bikini-fillers, bikini-stuffers, bings (B), blaaters, blamps, blinders, blossoms, blubber-bags, blubbers, bobbers, Bobsey Twins (B), bodacious tatas (bodacious set of tatas) (L), bonbons (B/N), boobs, boobies, boobifers, boobulars, boobiferous, boobys (B), boom booms (B), boosiasm(s), boosies, boovies, borsties, bosiasm(s), bosoms, bottles (B), boulders, bouncers, bra-busters, brace-and-bits, Brad-Pitts, brassiere-food, bread-bags, breastage, breasties, breastworks, briskets, Bristol-bits, Bristol City/Cities (B), bristols, British Standard Handfuls (B), brown-eyes, Brummagem-buttons, B.S.H. (BSHs), bubatoes, bubbied, bubbies (S/B), bubby-circus, bubs, buckets, bubbies, buddings, buds, buds-of-beauty, buffers, bumpers, bumpies (B), bumps, bumpy-jumpers, bunnies, buns, burgeoning-bunnies, bushel-bubby, bust, busters, busts (B), busty, butterbags, buttons, buxom, buzwams, cabmans-rests, cadabies, Café la Mama (B), cajooblies, cakes, cans, cantaloupes, carry-a-bundle, casabas, cats and kitties (B), cat-heads, c-cups (S), chalubbies, charlies, charmers, charms, chebs, chee-chees (S), cherries (S/N), cherry-topped-sundaes, cherrylets, chest, chest-and-bedding, chest-bunnies, chest-flesh, chest-pillows, chest-puppies, chestnuts, chesty, chichis, chichitas, chicken-breasted, chones, choozies, chuberteens, chubbies, chubblies, chubs, chudleighs, chumbawumbas, chungas, chupas, circulus-venosus-of-Haller, classy-pair, cliff, coat-hangers, coconuts, cokernuts, cones, contours, cow-tits, cow-uddered, cream-jugs, croopers, cupcakes, Cupids-kettledrums, cups, dairies, dairy-farm, desirable-fleshy-parts, devils, diddies, diddleys, dindins, dinners, dirty-pillows, docker's-thumbs, dockyard-rivets, dodas, doll-tits, dollies, Dollys, doos, double D cups (L), double-D's, double-diddied, draggy-udders, droopers, dubbies, dubs, dugs (B/N), dumplings, Dutch-Alps, dzwoonies (B), east-and-west, easts-and-wests, elders, ellens, endearing-physical-attributes, eye-pleasing-fruit, eyes (B/N), fat-flabs, fat-sacks, featherweights, feeding-bottles, female-appurtenances, female-bubbies, female-charms, female-goodies, female-upper-bombosities, filled-out, flab-hangings, flabby-melons, flapjacks, flat as a board (or pancake) (S), flat-chested, flesh-bag, flesh-bombs, fleshy-bagpipes, fleshy-interests, fleshy parts (B), fleshy-charms, flip-flaps, flip-flaps, flip-flops, floppers, floppy-tits, floppy-whites, flops, flops, flyspecks, fore-buttocks, fountain (B), fried-eggs, frontage, front-bumpers, frontal-development, fuck-udders, full-bosomed, full-figured, full-load, full-pack, fulsome, fun-bags, garbanzos (garbonzas / garbonzos) (S), gavabos, gazongas, gentleman's pleasure (B), gib-teesurbs, glands, glandular-endowments, globes, good-set-of-lungs, goodies, goonas, grapefruits, grapes, graysons, grids, groodies, growths, guavas, gubbs, hammertons, hammocks, hand-warmers, handfuls, hangers, headers, headlamps, headlights, heavers, hee-haws, hemispheres, hills, hills-of-paradise, Hindenburgs, honchos, honeydew-melons, honeydews, honkers

See Also: 44s, abscess, acinus, Ackerman breast types, Ackerman Types, aerola mammae, air bags, air the dairy, alveoli, amastia, ample-bodied woman, amply endowed, anaclisis, anaclitism, anisomastia, apple dumplings, apple-dumpling shop, apples, appurtenances, areola, areola of the mammary gland, areola papillaris, assets, atom bombs, attitudes, B & B, B & T, B-cups, B.S.H., babaloos, babooms, baby bar, the, baby bumpers, baby pillows, babys dinners, babys public house, bags, bags of mystery, bajongas, balcony, ballasts, balloons, baloobas, bamboochas, bangers, baps, barbettes, bare-chested, barges, basculocolpia, basket of goodies, bawangos, bazongas, bazonkers, bazookas, bazoomas, bazoombas, bazooms, bazoomy, bazoongas, bazoongies, bazumbas, bdsm, beads, bean bags, beanbags, beat the gun, beausom, beauties, beauts, bee bites, bee stings, beef bags, bees and bees, begonias, bejonkers, bell peppers, bellys, berkeleys, berkleys, berks, berries, berthas, bezongas, bibble chunks, big brown eyes, big browneys, big chester, bikini fillers, bikini stuffers, binding, Bite of the Boar, blaaters, blamps, blinders, blossoms, blubber bags, blubbers, bobbers, bodacious tatas, bolt-ons, bombay roll, bonbons, boob, boob job, boob sandwich, boob-balling, boobies, boobiferous, boobifers, boobs, boobulars, boody, boom-booms, boosiasm(s), boosies, boovies, borsties, bosiasm(s), bosom, bosoms, boulders, bouncers, bra, bra-busters, brace and bits, Brad Pitts, brassiere, brassiere food, bread, bread bags, breast, breast augs, breast bondage, breast form, breast man, breast press, breast torture, breast work, breastage, breasties, breastworks, briskets, bristen, Bristol bits, Bristol City, bristols, British Standard Handful(s), brown eyes, Brummagem bubbies, brutal breasting, BT, bubatoes, bubbied, bubbies, bubbies and cunt, bubby boob, bubby bube, bubby circus, bubby heaters, bubby hutch, bubby smoocher, bubby trader, bubs, buckets, buddies, buddings, buds, buds of beauty, buffers, bulbs, bumpers, bumps, bumpy jumpers, bunnies, bunny rub, buns, burgeoning bunnies, bushel bubby, bust, busters, busty, butter bags, button, buttons, buxom, buzwams, cabmans rests, cadabies, Cafe la Mama, cajooblies, cakes, callicolpia, callimammapygian, callimastian, cans, cantaloupes, carry a bundle, casabas, cat and kitties, cat heads, catheads, cats, chalubbies, chapel hat pegs, charleys, charlies, charmers, charms, chebs, chee chees, cherries, cherry-topped sundaes, cherrylets, chest, chest and bedding, chest bunnies, chest flesh, chest pillows, chest puppies, chest surgery, chestnuts, chesty, chichis, chichitas, chicken-breasted, chones, choozies, chubbies, chubblies, chuberteens, chubs, chudleighs, chumbawumbas, chungas, chupas, chussies, clamp, classic proportions, classy pair, cleavage, cliff, clip, clothes pegs, clothes pin, clothespeg, clothespin, clothespin torture, coat hangers, coconuts, coitus a mammilla, coitus inter mammas, coitus intermammarius, coitus intramammas, cokernuts, colpkinophilia, colpoheterophrenia, colpopetia, cones, contours, corset, cow, cow-tits, cow-uddered, cream jugs, croopers, cupcakes, Cupids kettledrums, cups, curvesome, dairies, dairy arrangements, dairy farm, defemination, desirable fleshy parts, devils, diddies, diddiride, diddleys, diddy, dindins, dinners, dirty pillows, docker's thumbs, dockyard rivets, dodas, dog in a blanket, doll-tits, dollies, Dollys, doos, double D's, double D-cups, double-diddied, draggy udders, droopers, dubbies, dubs, dugs, dumplings, Dutch Alps, Dutch fuck, dzwonies, east and west, easts and wests, elders, ellens, endearing physical attributes, erotogenicity, erotomastia, eye-pleasing fruit, falsies, falsy, fat flabs, fat sacks, featherweights, feeding bottles, female appurtenances, female bubbies, female charms, female goodies, female upper bombosities, fertility symbols, fetish, figure, fill out, filled-out, fine figure, flab hangings, flabby melons, flapjacks, flat as a board, flat as a pancake, flat-chested, flesh bag, flesh bombs, fleshy bagpipes, fleshy charms, fleshy interests, fleshy parts (of a woman), flip-flaps, flip-flops, floppers, floppy tits, floppy whites, flops, flyspecks, fore-buttocks, fountain(s), frankentits, French fuck, fried eggs, front bumpers, frontage, frontal development, fuck a brisket, fuck tits, fuck udders, full load, full pack, full-bosomed, full-bosomed figure, full-figured, fulsome, fun bags, garbanzos, garbonzos, gavabos, gay deceivers, gazongas, gazungas, gentlemans pleasure, gib teesurbs, give someone a grope, glands, glandular endowments, globes, globular hemispheres, globus hystericus, go Dutch, good figure, good set of lungs, goodies, goonas, gopher tits, gow, grapefruits, grapes, graysons, great divide, grids, groodies, growths, grudies, guavas, gubbs, guy cramps, gynecomastia, gynecomasty, hammertons, hammocks, hand-warmers, handfuls, hangers, headers, headlamps, headlights, heavers, hee-haws, hemispheres, hills, hills of paradise, Hindenburgs, honchos, honeydew melons, honeydews, honkers, hooters, horizontal bra, hotline, howitzers, hubbies, hypomastia, intermammary cleft, inverted nipple, involutional gyneacomastia, Irish draperies, ivory hills, jaboos, jabs, jalobies, Jersey bounce, Jersey Cities, jibs, jiggle, jiggle bosoms, jigglers, jigglies, jizz spider, jobbies, jobblies, jubbies, jubblies, jubes, jublies, jugs, juicy peaches, jumblaaters, jumbos, jump the gun, junoesque, kahunas, kajooblies, kettledrums, kitten's noses, knackers, knick-knacks, knobbies, knobs, knockers, lactoids, lactopoietic glands, large-breasted, Laverne and Shirley, leg, leg man, lemons, Lewis and Witties, line of cleavage, little drinks, loaded, loaves, loblollies, lollies, lollos, looker, a, love bubbles, love buds, love muffins, love pillows, lovelies, lovely bunch of cokernuts, loves strawberries, Lucy and Ethel, lulus, lumps, lung nuts, lung warts, lungs, M & Ms, macromastia, Mae West(s), maiden pinks, majonkers, mamas, mamazulons, mammaries, mammary coitus, mammary glands, mammary intercourse, mammary mounds, mammets, mammilate, mammilla, mammitis, mammonyms, mamms, mams, manapuas, Manchester City, manchesters, mangoes, maracas, marshmallows, Mary Poppins, masob(s), massive mammaries, mastocontrectation, mastolagnia, mastophallation, mastophallator, mastos, mastunculi, matched set pair, mazoomas, mazophallate, mazophallist, mcguffies, meat loaves, meat market, meatballs, meguffies, melons, memories, mesoseinia, mezoomas, Mickey and Minnie, midgies, milk bags, milk bar, milk bottles, milk buckets, milk cans, milk churners, milk jugs, milk sacks, milk shop, milk wagons, milkers, milkshakes, milky way, the, mimpins, mochi hills, mods and rockers, molehills, mollicoes, mollies, moon balloons, mosob(s), mosquito bites, mounds, mounds of lilies, mount everests, mount of lilies, mountains, muffins, mulligans, mumbas, murphies, muscle fuck, nackers, nacks, nancies, nards, nature's founts, nay-nays, nenes, niblets, nice handfuls, nice pair of eyes, nice puppies, nice set, nick-nacks, ninnies, ninnies-splitter, ninny jugs, nippers, nipple, nipply doo dahs, nips, niptastic mate, nit tits, nobs, nodules, noogies, Norgen-Vaazes, norgies, norgs, norkers, norks, Norma Snokkers, nub, nubbies, nubbin, nubbins, nubs, nuggets, nuggies, nugs, num-nums, nummies, nums, nungers, nupies, of classic proportions, oomlaaters, oranges, orbs, orbs of snow, other parts, ottomans, over the shoulder(s), overblaaters, P.T.A., padded bra, padding, Page Three Girl, pair, pair of Cupids kettledrums, pair of headlights, pair of kettledrums, palookas, palpable characters, palpitators, pancakes, panters, pantry shelves, pap, pap heads, papayas, papilla, paps, pasties, peach of a pair, peaches, peaks, peanuts, pearl necklace, pears, pechitos, pecs, pectoral bubbies, pectoral bulges, pectoral eminences, pectoral excurvations, pectoral handfuls, pectoral ninnies, pects, peepers, pendulant breasts, perkies, personalities, picayunes, piggies, pillows, pimples, pimples on a chest, pimples on the chest, pips, piss in the dugout, plaster job, Play-Doh, playground, the, pleasant eminences, pleasingly plump, plumpies, plungers, pneumatic, pneumatic bliss, Pointer Sisters, The, pointers, points, points of interest, pokers, pom-poms, pontoons, ponts, poonts, porcelain spheres, potatoes, poundering complexities, pretty lungs, pride and joy, prominent bosom, props, pumpkins, pumps, puppies, pus glands, pygmies' cocks, queenies, quiver, racks, raspberries, raspberry ripple, ree-langers, rib cushions, rising beauties, rocks, roploplos, rosebuds, round out, roundies, Rubenesque, runcible, runts, Russian, Russian arts, Russian culture, saggers, sagging summer squash, saggy pig tits, sandbags, scar-crossed prunes, scones, scoops, secondary sex characteristics, semiglobes, set, set of jugs, sex between hills, sex between mountains, sex hormones, sex organs, sexual organs, shakers, shimmies, shock absorbers, shoot between the fagots, shoulder boulders, Silastic, silicones, sillycones, skin sacks, slugs, smarties, smosabs, smosobs, smudges, smurfs, snorbs, snuggle pup, snuggle pups, soft cadaby, softest part of a woman's torso, speed bags, speed bumps, spheres, spooters, sport the dairy, spuds, squashy bits, stacked, stacked well up, stacks, stits, stonkers, strawberries, stubs, stuffing, superdroopers, superdupers, surphling of breasts, sweater dandies, sweater girl, sweater meat, sweater treats, sweaterful, sweet glands, sweet line, sweet rolls, sweetest valley, sweets, swingers, ta-tas, tabs, tale of two cities, tamales, tatas, tater tots, tattas, teacups, teat, teats, tetinas, tetitas, tetons, Thelma and Louise, thelorthia, thousand pities, threateners, three-penny bits, thrupenny bits, tic-tac smuggling, tic-tacs, tidbits, tiskies, tissue-paper titties, tit, tit bondage, tit discipline, tit for tats, tit fuck, tit fucking, tit king, tit man, tit puller, tit queen, tit tips, tit torture, Tit Valley Fuck, tit-bit, tit-bits, tit-fucker, tit-smacker, tit-wanker, tit-whip, titch, tithioscopia, tits, tits man, tittens, titter, titticulture, titties, tittivate, tittivated, titty, titty bondage, titty bug, titty discipline, titty fuck, titty masher, titty torture, titty twister, titty-freak, titty-oggy, titwank, TNT, tom-tit, tomatoes, toora-loorals, tooters, top ballocks, top balls, top buttocks, top ones, top set, top surgery, top-heavy, topless, topside, toraloorals, torpedoes, torso job, toucherism, toucheurism, towns and cities, tracy bits, tray bits, treasure chest(s), tremblers, trey bits, trip down mammary lane, turrets, tvf, twangers, twin hills, twin lovelies, twin peaks, twins, the, two beebees on a bread board, two on the town, two raisins on a bread board, two rounded hillocks, twofers, udders, uglies, umlauts, upper deck, upper decks, upper regions, upper works, ups, upstairs, uptown gal, vavooms, veiled twins, vertical bra, very best, viral hepatitis, voos, waawaas, waldos, wallopies, wammers, wares, warheads, warmest valley, warts, waterbags, watermelons, wazzojugs, well-endowed, well-equipped, well-furnished, well-loaded, well-proportioned, well-rounded, whamdanglers, whammers, whoa mammas, whoppers, Wilma and Betty, wobblers, wobbly bits, wombies, wongas, wooly west, world, yabbos, yams, yummies, zaftig, zeppelins, zeps, zoftig

Quotes Containing breast:
'Do you want a leg or a breast?' Frances (Grace Kelly) picnicking with John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief (1955)
Frances (Grace Kelly) picnicking with John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief (1955): ''Do you want a leg or a breast?''
Willa Weston (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Rollo Lee (John Cleese) in Fierce Creatures (1997): - Willa: ''Is this one your favorite Rollo?'' - Rollo: ''Yes. Yes, I like him breast - BEST - of all the small mammaries - MAMMALS!''
Harriet (Nancy Travis) and Charlie (Mike Meyers) in So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993): - Harriet Michaels: ''What do you look for in a woman you date?'' - Charlie Mackenzie: ''Well, I know everyone always say a sense of humor, but I really have to go-with breast size.''

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