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Or: charleys :

1. British and Australian rhyming slang for titties , female breasts, possibly derived from the common name of King Charles II who had many mistresses. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.

2. British slang for testicles. See penis for synonyms.

See Also: 900 number, adventuress, big conk, big cock, breast, Charley, Charley Hunt, charleys, Charlie, doinking, Eight Wonder of the World, The, fall for, French kiss, French kissing, good-time Barney, iceberg, icebox, icicle, introduce Charlie, Joe Ronce, Johnny Ronce, lemons, libido, look over, man-below position, pansy, press the button, roll, Ronce, sex appealing, sex drive, sex life, sexually appealing, Sheik, skirt, smitten, smitten with, smut, swallow the worm, tootsie, tootsie roll, tootsy, tramp, wee-wee, weener, weiner, wiener, woman-on-top position, yes

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