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A name and personal character attributed to inanimate objects or abstract notions. Familiarity and humor dispel taboo and one of the surest ways to turn a taboo object into a familiar one is to give it a proper name (or). Many forenames have been applied to the penis , notably: Cecil, Charlie , Dick, John-Thomas , John-Willie , Percy , Peter, Roger, Willy.
Male porn stars are notorious for picking phallic stage names: Rex Borsky | Busbone | Neve R. Come | Alex Dane | Dave De Long | John Decker | Sid Deuce | Dick Dickinson (dick and sons) | Rod Fontane | Billy Glide | Jack Goff | Pierre Har Donn | Rowdy Gallahad | Sweets Gurkin | Max Hardcore | Dave Hardman | Ron Hightower | Mike Horner | Rip Hymen | Johny Jam | Cal Jammer | Nick Knight | Derrick Lane | Jim Legman | Joe Logon | Attila Long | Longhorne | Dan D . Lyon | Biff Malibu | Andy Mast | Rodney Moore | Jim Nasium | Dick Nasty | Stumpy Penguino | Gerry Pike | Vladimir Roksoff | Virag Ronay | Dick Small | Randy Spears | Tony Speed | Spike | John Stagliano | Jake Steed | Colt Steele | Dick Steel (was pumping iron) | Kyle Stone | Slime Stone | John T. Bone | Rocky Toro | Frank Towers | Mile Uver | Teenie Weiner.
Rodney Dangerfield was Dick Hertz in Saturday Night Live . Sean Penn used the pseudonym Seymour Butts in the movie The Game (1998). The following are easy puns: Ben Dover | Al Rankin | Stu Pitt | Phil-Latio | Ben DeBanana | Jim Nasium | Phil DeGrave | Mike Untstinks | Clint-Toris | Izzy Cumming | Connie-Lingus | Frank Enstine | Mike Ockhurts | Mike Ocksmall | Sal Ami | Pepi Roni | Hal Jalikakick | Sid-Phillis | Eric-Shun | Ayma Dumy | Phil Mypockets | Al Knockerup | York Hunt (your cunt) | Mike-Lit (my clit) | Betty Bangzer (bet he bangs her) | Annie Mah (enema) | Gabe Barr (gay bar) | Gabe-Asher (gay basher) | Betty Humpter (bet he humped her) | Willy Nailer (will he nail her?) | Felton Lictor (felt and licked her) | Craven Morehed (craving more head) | Herb Eaversmels (her beaver smells) | Dick Fitzwell (dick fits well) | Hugh G . Rection (huge erection) | Neil B . Formy (kneel before me).
See Also: Billy No Mates, Blind Bob, Clint Toris, Connie Lingus, Eric Shun, Gabe Asher, hand job, Herman the One-eyed German, his lordship, His Majesty in purple cap, hissing Sid, Jeanette Talia, Jenny Tull, junior, Major Woody, Mary Jane, mentula, Mike Lit, Mister Fuzzy, Mister Poky, Mister Wiggly, Mr. Bluevein, Mr. Friendly, Mr. Priapus, Mr. Wong, Phil Latio, Polyphemus, Sid Phillis

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Charactronym: Willy Nailer (will he nail her?)

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