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1. Or: sexual-charge , sexual energy or excitement; lust ; libido .

2. To copulate , said of and by men. See copulation for synonyms.

Quote: William Shakespeare. Henry IV : Pistol: ' Then to you, Mistress Dorothy: I will charge you .'

See Also: 900 number, Adult Verification Service, Age Verification Service, buggerage, carnally knew, charge, chrematisophilia, cock of the walk, dollar-an-inch man, eunuch, feel one's oats, freebie, J.B., live wire, mack man, man-below position, panties, pistol, quail, S.Q.Q., San Quentin quail, sexual charge, take matters into your own hands, touch-hole, up the ass, violet wand

Quotes Containing charge:
'How much do you charge to give someone the rub , or whatever they say?' Grace Quigley (Katharine Hepburn) to assassin Seymour Flint (Nick Nolte) in Grace Quigley (1985)

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