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1. Key verb of many phrases pertaining to copulation : do-it , do-the-do , do-miracles , do-over , do-a-kindness , etc. or, more rarely, to masturbation : do-it yourself. To do someone or do-somebody , is to copulate , fellate or cunnilinguate (with) that person. See copulation for synonyms.

Quote: Topper Harley (Charley Sheen) before going into Ramada's (Valeria Golino) apartment in Hot Shots! (1991): Topper: ' What about your landlady? ' Ramada: ' You can do her too .'

2. To 'I do' it . or: To say 'I do' , to wed someone officially. See marriage for synonyms.

3. Or: doo-doo , a nursery and juvenile term for defecation and excrement; also applied to animals: doggie do.

4. Slang word for feces, as in dog do .

5. Short of hairdo .

See Also: adulterer, altocalciphilia, bach, BTDT, business, chloroform, coital alignment technique, come-fuck-me-pumps, cum, deed, diamond-digger, dirty deed, the, dirty thing, the, do the dirty, do the dirty deed, do the dirty thing, doing handiwork, doing it, doing the five knuckle chuckle, doing the five knuckle shuffle, doing the knuckle chuckle on the ol' piss pump, doing the knuckle shuffle on the ol' piss pump, doing the thang, drawers, five knuckle chuckle, five knuckle shuffle, fuck-me pumps, gal, H, headache, knuckle shuffle on the ol' piss pump, masturbation-male, matrimony, rock and roll, street girl, street walker, street whore, street worker, streetwalker, streetwalking, sweater girl, torture, walk the streets, wall queen, woman

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