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A testis. Testicles are rarely identical; in 85% of cases the left one hangs lower than the right.

ETYMOLOGY: From the Latin testiculus , a diminutive form of testis meaning witness from a time when witnesses at a trial testified to the truth by holding a hand over their testicles.

SYNONYMS FOR TESTICLES (R.S. = rhyming slang): acorns ; allsbay ; apricots ; baby-makers; back-wheels ; bags ; balkans; ballocks ; balls ; bangers ; bangles ; bannocks ; baubles (bawbles); bean-pods ; Beecham's-pills ; berries ; billiards ; bird's-eggs ; bobblers; bobbles ; bonbons ; booboos ; bubus; bullets ; bum-balls ; charleys ; charlies ; chestnuts ; chicken-mc-nuggets ; chones ; Christmas-crackers (R.S.); chuckies ; clappers ; cobbs ; cobbles; cobbler's-awls (R.S.); cobbler's-stall (R.S.); cobs ; cockles ; coconuts ; cods ; coffee-stalls (R.S.); cojones ; come-factories ; conkers ; coolies ; crackerjacks ; cream-crackers (R.S.); cullions ; culls ; cum-factories ; cuts ; damsons ; danglers ; diamonds ; ding-dangs ; ding-dongs ; do-dads ; dodads ; dojiggers ; doodads ; dusters ; eggs-(in-the-basket) ; figs ; flack ; flowers-and-frolics ; frick ; fun-and-frolics ; gadgets ; General Smuts (R.S.); gingambobs ; glands ; globes ; goatees ; gonads; gones ; gonicles ; goolies ; gooseberries ; hairy-conkers ; heirlooms ; Henry-Halls (R.S.); higgumbobs ; huevos; interstitial-glands ; Jackson-Pollocks ; jiggumbobs ; jingleberries ; Johnny Rollicks (R.S.); Johnny-Rollocks (R.S.); jumbucks ; jungleberries ; kaks ; kanakas ; kelks ; Ken-Dodds (R.S.); knackers ; knacks ; knockers ; little-acorns ; Little-Buddys-buddies ; love-apples ; love-nuts ; love-spuds ; low-hangers ; marble-halls (R.S.); marbles ; marrons ; marshmallows ; Max-Walls (R.S.); meaty-bites ; meggs ; nackers ; nadgers ; nads ; nags ; nards ; Niagara-Falls (R.S.); nobby-halls (R.S.); nuggets ; nutmegs ; nuts ; orbs ; orchestra-stalls (R.S.); orchids ; ornaments ; pebbles ; pills ; plums ; pounders ; prairie-oysters ; prunes ; rocks ; rollocks ; rollies ; royal-jewels ; Sandra-Bullocks (R.S.); scalloped-potatoes ; seals ; sex-glands ; slabs ; spunk-factories ; spunk-holders ; stones ; sweets ; swingers ; tallywags ; tarn-wags ; tarrywags ; taters ; tatties ; testes ; testimonials ; testosities ; thingamabobs ; thingamajigs ; thingmajigs ; thingumbobs ; thingummies ; Tom-Doolies (R.S.); Tommy-Rollicks (R.S.); Tommy-Rollocks (R.S.); twiddle-diddles ; the twins; the Urals; velvet-orbs ; wank-tanks ; Wentworth-Falls (R.S.); whirlygigs ; witnesses-to-ones-virility ; yarbles ; yongles . See penis for more synonyms.

See Also: abdominal protector, acorns, all meat, no potatoes, allsbay, anorchid, anorchidism, anorchism, anorchous, apples, apricots, Arabian Goggles, baby-maker, back wheels, baggage, Balkans, the, ball collar, ball locks, ball restraint ring, ball stretcher, ball stretcher with chain, ball torture, ball toy, ballocks, balls and bat, bangers, bangles, bannocks, bat and balls, baubles, bawbles, bean pods, Beecham's pills, below the belt, berries, Betty Swollocks, biffin bridge, biffits bridge, biffon, Big Jim and the twins, billiards, billy and doo, bird's eggs, boasin tone, bobbles, bollocks, bonbons, booboos, boss and his two helpers, broken balls, bull twister, bullets, bum balls, charleys, charlies, chestnuts, chicken mc nuggets, chlamydia, Chlamydia trachomatis, chones, Christ and two apostles, Christmas crackers, chuckies, clappers, clothes pegs, clothes pin, clothespeg, clothespin, clothespin torture, cobbler's awls, cobbler's stall, cobblers, cobbs, cobs, cockles, coconuts, codpiece, cods, coffee stalls, cojones, come factories, conkers, coolies, crackerjacks, cream crackers, crown jewels, cryptorchid, cryptorchidism, cullion, cullions, culls, cum factories, cuts, damsons, dangers, danglers, diamonds, Dickie and the boys, didymitis, ding-dangs, ding-dongs, do-dads, dodads, dojiggers, dong and gongs, doodads, dusters, eggs (in the basket), emasculation, family jewels, fig, figs, flack, flowers and frolics, French marbles, Frenchified potatoes, frick, fun and frolics, gadgets, gear and tool, General smuts, gingambobs, glands, globes, go ballocking, goatee, goatees, gonad, gones, gongs, gonicles, goolies, gooseberries, groceries, hairy conkers, ham and two eggs, hand ball, hangers, heirlooms, Henry Halls, hidden treasure, higgumbobs, hum job, hung like a bull, in full orchestra, interstitial glands, Jackson Pollocks, jewels, jiggumbobs, jingleberries, Johnny Rollocks, jumbucks, jungleberries, kaks, kanakas, kelks, Ken Dodds, knackers, knacks, knockers, little acorns, Little Buddys buddies, lollipop lick, love apples, love nuts, love spuds, low-hangers, marble halls, marbles, marrons, marshmallows, Max Walls, meat and two veg, meat and two vegetables, meaty bites, meggs, melvin, nackers, nadds, nadgers, nads, nag, naggy, nags, nards, nobby halls, nuggets, nutmegs, okra and prunes, orbs, orchestra stalls, orchid eater, orchids, ornaments, pebbles, peculiar members, pills, play billiards, play pocket pool, playing pocket pool, plums, pocket billiards, pocket pinball, pocket polka, pocket pool, pocket waltz, pounders, prairie oysters, prunes, pudendus, purse, pushing box, rocks, rollies, rollocks, royal jewels, rule of three, Sandra Bullocks, scalloped potatoes, seals, sex glands, slabs, spuds, spunk factories, spunk holders, stick and bangers, stone-ache, stones, string and nuggets, sweets, swingers, tallywags, tarn wags, tarrywags, taters, tatties, tea bagging, testes, testimonials, testosities, thingamabobs, thingamajigs, thingmajigs, thingumbobs, thingummies, titty-oggy, Tom Doolies, Tommy Rollicks, Tommy Rollocks, twiddle-diddles, twig and berries, twins, the, Uncle Jim and the twins (at attention), undescended testes, Urals, The, velvet orbs, wank tanks, watch and seals, wedgy, weight training, Wentworth Falls, whirlygigs, witnesses to ones virility, world's smallest hotel, yarbles, yongles

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