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1. Slang for the testicles. See penis for synonyms.

2. Slang for hard feces.
SYNONYMS: big-jobs ; big-jobbies .

QUOTE: James Ubriacco (John Travolta) and his son Mickey (David Gallagher) about naming the family dog in Look Who's Talking Now (1993):
-- James: ' What are you gonna name him, Mike? '
-- Mickey : ' Rocks .'
-- James: ' Rocks!? How come Rocks? '
-- Mickey : ' Because that's what he left all over the back-seat .'

3. More rarely, female breasts. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.

See Also: alley apple, almond, bag bride, band moll, band rat, basculophilia, big jobbies, blue balls, blueballs, boogie, bubble-gummer, coital alignment technique, erotopathic, five knuckle chuckle, groupie, hot nuts, hot rocks, jiggle, love nuts, off, proposition, rock and roll, rocks, rocks off, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, star-fucker, submarine watching, tarantula eyes, teeny bop, teeny bopper, teeny-rocker, tweenager, whip it out

Quotes Containing rocks:
Big Mama Pollit (Judith Anderson) to Maggie Pollit (Elizabeth Taylor) while tapping the bed in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958): 'When a marriage goes on the rocks , the rocks are there, right there.'

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