Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


The menstrual period . See menstruation for synonyms.
See Also: 175er, 33, 44s, 49, 78, a bit of fork, a knee trembler, a tergo, abbess, abbot, abdominal pregnancy, ablutoskepsis, abnormal presentation, abominable crime, aboratorium, abort, abortuary, abortus septicus, abs, absolute invert, abuse oneself, ace of spades, ace poker, acmasia, acme, acorn, acorn-picker, acrai, act, act of darkness, act of generation, act of kind, act of shame, act of sport, actual intercourse rate, actus brevia, acyesis, adelphepothia, adelphirexia, adelphithymia, agility, agnuopia, alchemy, alley cat, almond rock candy, Alphonse, ambierastia, amicus, amor insanus, amor lesbicus, amor sui, amorous rites, amphieroticism, amphierotism, amphigenetic gender, amphigenic invert, amphigenous inversion, anaesthesia sexualis, anagapesis, anal collar, anal injector, anal play, anal sexual play, analipsation, androcentrism, angel, angelcakes, aphanisis, aphilophrenia, apistia, apodysophilia, apophallation, appendage, apple dumplings, apple squire, arenokoites, arrow, ars erotica, arse beard, arse over teakettle, arse over tit, arse pirate, arse pish, arse-bone, arseduke, arseholed, arsenal, arseovoir, arser, ask for the ring, aspen leaf, ass-bandit, ass-fucker, ass-fucking, athenian, atom bombs, automonosexualism, autosadism, axle grease, B.F., B.O., babe, babette, babooms, baby, baby beef, baby custard, baby doll, baby fat, baby motel, babycakes, back wheels, backland, bag of coke, baggage, baggage-boy, bagger double entry, bagnio, balanotage, bald journey, bald-headed candidate, bald-headed hermit, bald-headed mouse, bald-headed rat, ball toy, ball-buster, ball-face, ballast, ballers, ballock bag, balloon knot, ballum rancum, bambi sex, bamboochas, banana, banana splits, bananas and cream, banbury, band-box, band-house, bang, bangtail, bank and biff, bankside lady, barber's chair, barf, barkers, barnacle, barndoor, baroselgia, basement, bash leather, basket making, Basra belly, bat, bat boy, bat up, bawangos, bawd, bawd's house, bazaar, bazumbas, be on the game, beanbags, beast, Beaulah, beaver fryer, beaver patrol, beaver pose, beaver posse, beaver shooter, bed bargain, bed house, bed rite, bed-fellow, bed-presser, bed-swerver, bedswerver, bedworthy, beef banana boy, beef bayonet, beef box, beef stick, beetle, beetleskin, beezer, bejonkers, belfa, bell peppers, belly-piece, bemascopia, bender, benny, bi-wife, biff, big casino, big jobs, big O, big tender, Bill, bint, biscuits, bishop, bit of cauliflower, bit of cunt, bitched up, bitchery, bitches' blinds, biteful, black badger, black limo, black Maria, Blackout Romeo, blacksmiths shop, blanket hornpipe, blaps, blart, blatts, bletherskate, blinders, blinds, blinkers, bliss-ninnies, blit, blivvet, blood flaps, bloomer pudding, blot, blouzalinda, blow holes, blow job, blow job man, blow stick, blubber, blubber-belly, bludgeon, bludget, blue boar, blue jay, blue moon, blurtbeard, board lodger, bob-tail, bobtail, body wax, bog, bog snorkeling, bog-house, bogs, bollock bag, bomb bay, bona roba, bones, bonnet, boo, boob tube, boobifers, booboisie, boobulars, booby trap, boogie butt, boogie lips, bookbinder's wife, boom boom room, boom-boom, boom-booms, boong-moll, boot-licker, bordello, Boris, bosom cheaters, boss and his two helpers, botter, bottle opener, boulder houlder, bouncing, boy honey, brachioproctic eroticism, brachiovaginal eroticism, brass eye, brassirothesauriast, bread, bread bags, bread basket, breadwinner, breakfast of champion, breast bucket, breast torture, breezer, bremelo, brevet-wife, brim, brimstone, broad-jumper, broadcaster, broom, broomstick, brothel, brother girl, brother of the gusset, brotherly love, brothersister, brown bag special, brown bullet-hole, brown cherry, brown daisy, brown hatter, brownsward, Brummagem bubbies, brush, bub, bubatoes, bubble dancer, bubble-jack, bubby circus, bubby hammock, bubby trap, bube, bubo, buddy, budget, buff, bugger, buggery grips, bugladders, bugle, buildiking, bulbs, bull nurse, bull ring, bullets, bully back, bully boy, bum bacon, bum fiddle, bum fodder, bum-fugger, bummer, bumpers, bumshop, bun, burn artist, burnies, burning, bush, bush beater, bushel-cunted, bushwack, buss-beggar, bust bodice, bust-girdle, buster, bustle pinching, butched up, butcher, butcher boy, butt dumpling, butt middleman, butt slammer, butter baby, butter bags, buttock and file, buttock ball, buttock climber, buttocking ken, buttocking shop, button factory, buttonhole worker, bwoy, ca-ca, cab-joint, cabbage patch, cachanca, cacoethes, cafe au lait, cake, cakes, calf-sticking, callipygus, camp, Canadian bacon, candle, candy, candy wrapper, cane, canister set, cantaloupes, capon, capote allemande, capote anglaise, caprification, carnal knowledge, carrion, casabas, case, caseo, catamenia, catamenial discharge, catch colt, cats, catskin, cattle, cavaulting, cavaulting school, cervical hostility, chamber lye, chappie, Charley, Charlie, chat, chatterers, chatts, chauverer, chauvering, chauvering moll, chauvering-cove, cheese factory, cheesecake, cherry, cherry boy, cherry pie, cherry top, chew ass, chew someones ass out, chewers, chic sale, chick-a-biddy, chicken head, chicken ranch, chicken-little, chicken-shit, chicken-with-a-basket, Chimaropia, chimney sweep, chin rest, china, china closet, chingus, chippie, chippy, chitty, choca, choccy, chocha, chocolate bandit, chocolate lumberjack, chode, chompers, chooch, chop-chop, chopped liver, choppers, chrematisophilia, christener, chubblies, chubbychops, chuberteens, chuck, chudleighs, chuffer, chum, chunder, chupas, churn, churner, chutney ferret, cigar burn, cingulomania, cinnamon stick, circle jerk, circulus venosus of Haller, civet, clack, clack box, clacker, clam diving, clam shell, clam smacker, clam trap, clapster, clicket, cliff, climb, clitoromegaly, clitoropenis, clockers, closet, the, closeted, cloth, clowt, club, clubhouse, clucky, coal scuttle, cock bawd, cock hotel, cock whoop, cock-chafer, cock-tax, cock-teaser, cockchafer, cockles, cockquean, cockroach, cockshire, cockteaser, cocktus erectus, cod boy, coddy-moddy, cogs, coitus analis, coitus in ano, coitus sine ejaculatione, coitus sodomus, coitus sordidus, cokernuts, cold pig, cold tea, colon commando, colpette, colpomentiors, colpomimesis, colpopetia, come over, comfort zone, commasculation, commerce, commercial sex workers, common house, commoner, commoner of the camp, communicable disease, Compass of the Netherland, conny, contingent invert, controsexual, cony, cookie, coral branch, corephallism, corinth, Corinthian, corking, corn-dot, cornholer, cornification, corral, corybungo, corybungus, cotquean, cottaging, counter, country marriage, couple house, coupler, coupling bat, coupling house, Covent Garden abbess, Covent Garden ague, Covent Garden lady, Covent Garden nun, covers the waterfront, covess-dinge, covey, cow, cow-climbing, cow-pad, cow-tits, coyote, crabwalk, crack a Judy, crack detail man, crack detail woman, crack hunter, crack it, crack-halter, cracker ass, crackers, crackish, cradle, crater, creamie, creeper, crevice, crinkum crankum, crinkum(s), crockery, crone, crook, crooney, croopers, crotch, crotch cheese, crotch rocket, crotch rot, croupade, crunchers, crust, Cuban pumps, Cubans, cuckold, cullion, cullions, culty-gun, cundy, cunker, cunniknismos, cunt, cunt carpet, cunt curtain, cunt fart, cunt lips, cunt shop, cunt-tease, cunt-teaser, cunt-warren, cuntikin, cuntocks, cupcake, cupcakes, curse, the, curtains, cushion, custard cannon, custard-chucker, cutie pie, cutlass, cyesis, daddy bag, daffodil, dainties, daisy, damaged goods, damerie, damsons, dangers, dant, darb, dark fetish(ism), darlink, dasofallation, daylights, dead cert, dead easy, dead weight, deadlights, decoy(er), defemination, defloration, deflowering, delicate glutton, Delilah syndrome, delivering the wood, den (of sin), dentals, depersonalization, desex, deviant, deviate, dew-flaps, diamond cutter, diamonds, diaper, dick dolcenatte, dick head, dick-teaser, Dickey, dicksplash, Dicky, diddies, diddley-poo, diddly pout, diddly-whacker, die, dig a ditch, dilly-whacker, dimple-dick, ding-a-ling, ding-dangs, dinger, dinky dyke, dinner basket, dirty hole, dirty spot, discover one's gender, disgraceful disease, dish, distillate of love, distillatia, diver, divine monosyllable, do the beast with two backs, do the chores, do-johnny, dobber, dog, dog water, dog's match, dog's mouth, dog's rig, dogs, dohickey, dohickie, dojiggers, doll face, dollink, dolly, dolly bird, Dollys, dominos, donaker, dong, donger, doodle, doodle sack, doodle-dasher, dookey, doormat bashing, doos, Dorian love, Doric love, dorsal, double doors, double suckers, double-barrelled slingshot, Downshire, drab, draggy udders, drain pipe, dress-house, dribble-cock, drive it up to Hilltop Drive, drive up to Hilltop Drive, droopers, Drury Lane ague, Drury Lane vestal, dubbies, dude, dugs, dukie, dukie-hole, dumb glutton, dumb squint, dumb watch, dummock, dunny, dusty road, Dutch dumplings, Dutch widow, dzwonies, ear-between-the-legs, ease oneself, ecdysiast, ecstasy intoxication, eggs (in the basket), ejaculatio ante portas, ejaculatio deficiens, ejaculatio praecox, ejaculatio precipitata, ejaculatory incompetence, elders, end pleasure, English arts, erectile difficulty, esurient, facho, fag magnet, fag-lang, faggot, faggots toothbrush, faglish, fagola, fairy hawk, false front, fan dancer, fangs, fanny hair, fanny magnet, fanny rag, fantail, fare, fart sack, fart-catcher, fast-house, fat sacks, favorite dish, fearnought, feather bed jig, feathery flick, the, febris amatoria, feeding bottles, fem, female orgasmic dysfunction, female testicles, feminosexual, femoke, fen, fence jumper, fetishism, fiddle-stick, figurae veneris, fire water complex, firkytoodle, fish-box, fish-monger, fizgig, fizz, flabby lips, flack, flaming fruitbar, flankey, flanks, flap-doodle, flash crib, flash house, flash tail, flash the hash, flat tire, flea and louse, Fleet Street dove, Fleet Street houri, flesh, flesh bag, flesh beer towels, flesh it, flesh-monger, fleshpot, flickers, flip-flap, flipper, flirtigiggs, flit, floater, floozy, flopper-stopper, floppers, floppy tits, floppy whites, flower fancier, fluff, flukers, flunkey, flute, fluter, fly-by-night, fly-cage, fly-catcher, fly-trap, flyspecks, flytrap, foam, foaming beef probe, foghorn, foining, foot soldier, foot warmer, foraminate, forbidden fruit eater, fore-buttocks, foreman, foreskin hunter, forget-me-not, fork, forty-niner, frail sisterhood, French ache(s), French article, French crown, French disease, French fever, French goods, French gout, French marbles, French measles, French pig, French pox, Frenchified potatoes, Freudian, frick, fried eggs, friendly with, frigidity, frog, froggie, front exposure, front office, front parlor, front passage, front porch, front room, front suspension, front window, front windows, frontispiece, fruit cup, fuck arse, fuck flaps, fuck rag, fuck-stick, fuckable, fuckass, fucker, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, fuckstress, fuckwad, fud, fudy, fumenda cheese, funk-a-thon, futy, G-string, gabber, gagger, Gail, gallop the antelope, galloping crud, galloping knob rot, gamahuching, gamaruching, gamecock, gammon flaps, ganderers, gap-stopper, gaper, garbage can, garden, garden house, garden of Eden, gas queen, gash, gash-eater, gate mouth, gay deceivers, gay fellow, gay lifestyle, gay lingo, gay slang, gaylese, gaytalk, gee, genital failure, genital pollution, gentleman's appendage, gentoo, Gertrude Brown, get one's greens, gigsy, gimcrack, gin lane, gin trap, ginch, girl kisser, girl lover, girlery, girlfriend, girlie, girlie magazine, gixie, gizzum, gladiola, glamity, glamour girl, glands, glass asshole, glaziers, gleeps, glimmers, glims, globus hystericus, glop, glue neck, glutes, gluteus maximus, go in unto, go on the game, goat house, goat milker, goatskin, gob, gob box, gobbler, gobette, gobshite, goggles, gold-digging, gold-miner, golden retriever, gonad glue, gongs, good time, goonas, gooser, gow, grapes, gravestones, Greek art(s), Greek culture(s), Greek love, Greek vice, green goose, green grove, green meadow, greens, the, grind, grinder, grinders, gripples, grippley, gristle-gripper, groper, ground rations, grub box, grub trap, grubbery, guavas, guided missile, guido, gully hole, gully-raker, gunsel, gut-stick, gutter, guttersnipe, gynocentrism, ha'penny, hack, hackney, hailing, hair disadvantaged, hairy lasso, hairy magnet, hairy ring, hairy saddlebags, hairy wheel, half a cob, halfpenny, halitosis, halve the crack, ham, ham shank, hammer, hammering, hammertons, hamming, hammock for two, hammocks, hand-staff, handballing, handfucking, hangers, hanging bacon, hanging basket, hangover, hard baby, hard-assed love, hard-boiled baby, hard-boiler, harlot, harness, has-been, hat, hatch, hatchway, have a knee trembler, headliner, headrails, healers, heat seeking missile, heavers, heirlooms, heliogabalus, hell, Hellenic love, helmet pelmet, help-spend, hemispheres, her indoors, herbalz, hermaphroditus verus, hermaphy, herosexual, Hershey bar, herstory, heteroclite, hickey, higgumbobs, hind boot, hindside, his lordship, hoff, hog, hogs eye, hole in one, holer, home brew, home cooking, homework, homogenic, homogenitalism, homogenitality, homoism, homophilia, homos, homosexual, honchos, hone, honey, honeycakes, hood, hoofs, hook house, hook joint, hook shop, hooker shop, hookey, hopper, horatio, horizontally accessible, horn, horn-colic, horny, horror feminae, horse and trap, horse breaker, horse collar, hosing, hot juice, hot lead, hot meat, hot mutton, hot sketch, hot-water bag, Hottentot apron, hotter than a red firewagon, house of assignation, house of ease, house-mother, housemother, howitzers, hummums, hump, Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver, hung up on, hustler, huzzie, hygrophilematous, hymenally challenged, hymeneal waterfall, hymenorrhexis, hyperaesthesia, hypermenorrhea, hyperphilia, hysterical paroxysm, ice palace, idiogamist, immissio penis, impale, in flagrante delicto, in the saddle, indecent assault, indecent exposure, indorser, ingler, ingravidate, ingressability, insomnia sexualis, inspectionalism, inspectionism, intake, intercourse per anum, intermediate sex, intersexual, inunctionism, inversion, invert, Irish confetti, Irish mutton, isosexual, Italian habit, Italian letter, itchy eye, ivory box, jab, jaboos, Jack Straws castle, jack-gagger, jacksie, Jackson Pollocks, jade, jalobies, jam duff, jamblocks, janney, jape, jasper, jaxy, jay, jazz joint, jelly bag, jelly bean, jenny, jerk, Jerusalem artichoke, jessom, jewel box, jewelry showcase, Jewess, jibs, jigging bone, jiggle bosoms, jigglers, jigglies, jiggling, jiggling bone, jiggumbobs, jilt, Jim Dog, jimbrowsky, jimcrack, jingleberries, jintoe, jip, jisem, jism, jism jacket, jissom, jiz, jizz, jizzom, jizzum, jobby jabber, jock hole, joy bag, joy buzzer, joy house, joy sock, jungleberries, jus primae noctis, jutland, K.P., kahunas, kajooblies, kanakas, keester, kelks, kettledrums, key, kiddywinks, killers, kipper, kiss trap, kisser, kissers, kissing down under, kissing tackle, kissing trap, kitchen, kite, knee trembler, a, kneesies, knob sox, knockers, knocking-house, knocking-joint, knocking-shop, knot, koprolagnia, la belle chose, labor leather, laced mutton, lactoids, ladies' tailor, lady bird, lady hotbot, lady lover, lady-ware, ladys welcome mat, lallies, lamma hutching, lamps, lapper, lappers, lard, late back, the, laughing gear, laughing tackle, laundry, lead-pipe cinch, learn a new way, learning house, leather dresser, leather stretcher, lech-water, leg-crushers, leg-lifter, lena, length, leno, lens, letch-water, levator vaginae, lewd infusion, libido, lick-spigot, licorice stick, lift skirts, light, light skirts, lights, limp-dick, limp-prick, line of cleavage, ling grappling, lispers, little casino, little jobs, little piggies, little sliver of flesh, little white mouse, little woman, the, live wire, loaded gun, loaves, lob cock, lock hospital, lollies, long date, long tea, look bar, looker, a, loose fish, loud-speaker, love bite, love buns, love child, love muffins, love nuts, love pillows, love spuds, lovins, low heel(s), low rent, lower back, lowie, luminaries, lumpy piss, lung nuts, lung warts, lungs, lust dog, luv, luvvy, macha, machismo, mackerel, mackery, mackin', Mae West(s), magnet, maidenhood, male catcher, male climacteric, male menopause, male-identified, male-oriented, malfior, mammalian position, mammets, man catcher, manchesters, manfat, manglaze, mangle, manglue, mangoes, Manhattan eel, manhood, marble arch, mariposa, market dame, marrow, marrow-pudding, marshmallows, mason, masticators, mastophallator, maw, McSpunk, meat loaves, meat market, meat tarp, meat-monger, meat-seeking pissile, meatballs, mecotero, mega-wanker, melons, Member for Cockshire, menstruation, merry bit, merry bout, merry legs, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, mettle of generation, mezoomas, micturate, middle cut, midgies, milk bags, milkman, milkshakes, millimeter-peter, minger, Miss Hotbot, Miss Laycock, Miss Nancy, misses, missus, mochi hills, modigger, mohuncher, moisture missile, moll-shop, mollicoes, mollies, molly house, molly shop, Molly's hole, monkey business, monoclinous, mooky, moon balloons, mooners, moons, more canino, mortar, mot, mot-carpet, mother of all saints, mother of all souls, mother of Saint Patrick, mouse, mouse trap, mousehole, mouses hole, mouses sleeping bag, mousetrap, Mrs. Right, Mrs. Warren's girl, Mrs. Warren's profession, Ms. Right, muckle, mudflaps, muff munching, muffet, muffin, muffins, mug, mulligans, mump, munchers, mush, mush-core pornography, mushroom, mushroom tip, mutton, mutton musket, mutton-monger, muttoner, muzzle, my body's captain, nacks, nad bag, nad sack, nadgers, naf, nafka, nafkeh, nag, naggy, nags, nance, nancy, Naples canker, nates, nautch broad, nautch girl, naviculans, needle-dick, nether end, nether eye, nether eyebrow, nether lashes, nether parts, nether regions, nether whiskers, nibbler, nice handfuls, nice puppies, nice set, nick in the notch, night soil, night-snap, no-nuts, nob, nockandro, noisy cavity, non-kinky sex, non-orthogenic sex, noose, Norgen-Vaazes, notch, notcherie, nothin cock, nothing cock, nowhere cat, nozzle, nubbing, nudie, nugging, nugging house, nugging-ken, nums, nupies, nut-cruncher, nutcrackers, nutrageous, nylon milk pails, nymphokick, occupying-house, oculars, oculii, offspring of adultery, oglers, ogles, old dose, old Dutch, old goat-peter, old hat, old lady, old man, old noose, old pot, old warty cod, old woman, oldest profession, oldest trade, on, on the bonk, on the game, oncer, one of Mrs. Warren's girl, one of the boys, one-eye(d), open C, optic, oracular portcullis, oragenitalism, oranilinctus, orbits, orchids, orectic, orogenitalism, other half, over the shoulder(s), over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, oviduct, oyster stew, oyster-catcher, padded bra, padding, palookas, palpitating bosoms, palpitators, pancake, pancakes, pansy, pansy ball, pansyland, pantywaist, papayas, paramour, Paris brothers, partner, passion flaps, passive algolagnia, patent heavers, patootie, pax wax, peach-fish, peaches, peanuts, pearl, pearl drop, pearlies, pearly gates, pears, pecker, pecker cheese, pecnoster, pedal extremities, peddle and crank, pedication, pedicato, pee, peekers, peeler, peepers, peephole, peepholes, peeps, pego, pegs, penal dick, pencil dick, penicillus, penie, penis equivalent, penis femineus, penis muliebris, penisuction, penoclitoris, persuader, pervy, peter-cheater, phallocentrism, phallocrat, pheasant plucker, pheasantry, phiz, picket fence, pickets, piercers, piggies, pillcock, pillcock-hill, pillicock, pillicock-hill, pillow-biter, pimple, pimple-prick, pinch-bottom, pinch-buttock, pinch-cunt, pinch-prick, pink bits, pink eye, pink flaps, pintle, pintle-fancier, pipkin, pisshouse, pissworm, pix, pizza-face, placket-lady, placket-racket, plaquet stung, plaquet-box, Play-Doh, plug-tail, pluke, plumber's helper, plumbing, pneumatic, points of interest, poke party, Polish disease, pollute, poncess, pontoons, poo, poodle, poof, poofta(h), poofter, pooh, poonce, poonts, poop, poopie-plops, poove, port hole, portrait, possesh, posteriora, potato finger, potato trap, potatoes, pouch, pound leather, poundcake, pouter, pox, prairie oysters, pranny, prat, pratt, pratt-man, prattle box, prattler, prayer bones, pre-cum, prick-climber, prick-purse, prick-scourer, prick-skinner, prick-teaser, prickholder, prigging, privy chose, privy house, privy limbs, Privy Member, privy parts, proboscis, proctophallism, promontories, prosso, proxenetism, prune, prurient interest, pryvetee, pubes, pubickers, public ledger, pudendum muliebre, pudendus, puff, pug, puka, punce, punch, punch house, punse, puny prick, puppies, pups, Purple Heart, purvy, pus glands, pus-rod, puss, pussy cover, pussy queer, putz, pyrie, python, Quaalude of the '90s, the, quail hunter, quaint, quebrachine, queen bees, queen's vernacular, queenies, queer, queynte, quickie station, quiff, quiff hunter, quim wig, quim-stake, quim-stick, quim-sticker, quim-wedge, quim-whiskers, R/S, rag, rags, raisin bag, ram, ramming, randy, rasher, rasp, rasper, rat-hole, rat-trap, rattler, rattlers, rattletrap, receiver general, red scatter, red-light, red-light house, ree-langers, rent girl, rib-joint, riders, riding the bitch's seat, rifle, rigid digit, rip, rip off, rising beauties, road, rob the ruffian, rollocks, Roman candle, romp, rooster, rootle, rooty, rosebud, rotten crotch, rough-rider, roust, rout, rozzer, rub bellies, rubadub, rubber flexes, rummage, rump, rumpus, runcible, rusty-dusty, sack, sack o' nuts, sacking, safest sex, saggers, sagging summer squash, saggy pig tits, salty yogurt slinger, sardine can, satchel mouth, satchmo, sauce-box, saucers, sausage, scag, scallops, scalp hunter, scar-crossed prunes, scat, scatter, schnoz(z), schnozzle, schnozzola, schtup, scientia sexualis, score, scorz, scratch, screwing, scroat, scrotal sac, scrote, scrubber, scum, scum-twat, scut, scuzz, sea food, seat (of the pants), second-hand article, secret sin, secret vice, seed, seekers, seers, sees, self-abuse, self-pollution, set of cakes, set of pears, set-down, sew up, sewer, sex expert, sex icon, sex ring, a, sex symbol, sex toys, sexicon, sexperiencer, sexpert, sexteen, sexteenager, sexual variance, sexually nonconforming, sexually transmitted infection, sexualogy, shafting, shag-bag, shaggable, shake, shake it up, shakester, shaking, she-pimp, Sheik, Sheila, shiksa, shiksy, shissom, shit jacket, shit locker, shmendrik, shmoya, shmuck, Shooter's Hill, short eyeballs, short-arm practice, shot of beaver, a, shot-locker, show house, shrimp, shrimping, shutters, side-stroke, sights, sillycones, simulsex, simulsexual, single dingles, sis, sissy, sit-down, sit-me-down, sit-upon(s), sitzbein, sizzlers, skainsmate, sklook, skull buggery, skylights, slanters, slate, slaughter house, slave driver, slavist, sleaze, slicker, slime, slime-hole, slinger, slip her a quick crippler, slip-up, slithery, slug, smacker, smackers, small-clothes, smallers, smeghead, smeller, smiler, smock, smock service, smockage, smockface, smoongy, smucking, smudger, smudges, smurf, snake skin, snake venom, snap-on (tool), snappers, snatch, snatch purser, snedge, sneezer, sniffer, snippet, snizzling, snoot, snoozing-ken, snorer, snorter, snotter, snout, snozzle, snuffler, solitary evil, solitary sin, solitary vice, sotadism, soupbone, south side, south-end, Spanish gout, Spanish needle, Spanish pip, Spanish pox, spanner, spare tire, speed bags, speed bumps, spelunking, spend, spendings, sperm sack, sperm-sucker, spheres, spintry, spit-fuck, split-mutton, splitment, spoffskins, spoke-box, spooey, spoon, spooters, spotters, spouse, spratz, spread, spuds, spudwater, spume, spunk-pot, spurious offspring, squat, squatter, squinters, squirrel, stadge, stag show, steel woolies, stem siren, stern, stern chaser, stink-pit, strapping, string and nuggets, stubs, stud mare, stuffy, stunt cock, succubus, suck-and-swallow, suckers, sugar cookies, sugar hill, sugar stick, summa libido, sure thing, surrogate mother, swack, swanska, sweater dandies, sweater meat, sweater treats, sweet patootie, sweet potato pie, sweet rolls, sweetcakes, sweetie, sweetie pie, sweets, swelling, switchel, T Star, T.L., tactus, tail chicken, tail duds, tail end, tail fence, tail sister, tail stew, tail tackle, tail trader, tail wagging, tail water, tail work, tail-tickling, talent, talk box, talker, tallywags, tan-track, tannhauser, tarrywags, tart, taster, tater trap, taters, tattoo queen, tautaner, tautanerism, tea, tea engagement, teahouse, teazie, technodynamia, tee-tee, tenant-in-tail, tender chick, tenderloin madam, tent, thatch, thatch hatch, theroid, thigmacupidus, thingamajigs, thingamaling, thingie, thingummies, Thomas, three-penny upright, three-penny uprighter, throttle pit, thump, tickle-Thomas, tickler, tiffing, till, tinta, tiskies, tit, tit holder, tit lottery, tit pants, tit sling, tit-bag, tit-hammock, tit-mouse, tittle-bat, titty-oggy, toe rage, token chicken, tom, tom fucker, tom-tit, tomato, tombstones, tomcat, Tommy Dodd, tomrig, tong, tonguing, tonsil-lectomy, toolbox, toonkins, toonkuns, toothy pegs, toots, tootsie, tootsie roll, tootsie-wootsie, tootsies, tootsy, tootsy-wootsy, top lights, top-diver, tops and bottoms, torpedoes, tosh, touch-crib, touch-hole, tourist, towdie, town bike, town pump, town punch, town tramp, toy-toy, track one, track two, trading post, tragalist, transgender, transgender community, tree of life, tree of love, tref, trial marriage, trickster, troll, trolley-dolly, trotters, trouser ferret, trouser mauser, trout, truckers, trull, trypan, tulip sauce, tum-tum, tummy, tums, tun, tuna, tunnel, Turkish medal, turn the corner, turns, the, turrets, turtle, tusks, tuzzy-muzzy, twam, twammy, twang, twangers, twat mat, twat peddler, twat-faker, twat-masher, twatarooney, twiddle-diddler, twiddle-diddles, twim, twin, twin hills, twin lovelies, twinkers, twinkle, twitters, the, two beebees on a bread board, two-bagger, two-bit hustler, two-bit Sadie, twosies, ugly little dog Dick, umlauts, under par, undercover fag, undercover punk, undercover sissy, undinism, unnatural, unnatural connection, unnatural debauchery, unnatural sin, unruly member, up a bone, uppers and beneath, uranian, uranist, urethral eroticism, urethrorrhea ex ubidine, urnism, useless, the, V-girl, vache, vagitarius, valve, vampire sex, vampirism, vapours, the, variant, variant sexual behavior, vault, vavooms, velvet, venerable monosyllable, venereal, Venus' curse, vertically-challenged, village bicycle, village bike, village people, virgin pullet, virilia, voos, waawaas, wagtail, waldos, wallet girl, wammers, wand, wang-tang, wanker, wanton ace, wap, wapping-mort, War Department, wargasm, warheads, warm shop, watch queen, water spout, water wings, water works, watermelons, waterworks, wayside fountain, wazzock, weaker vessel, the, wear a cut-glass veil, weepers, weiner, wench of the game, wencher, wet fun, wet times, wet-mop, wetsuit, whacking off, whammers, whanker, whatass, whelk, whiffer, whisker biscuit, whisker pot, white owl, whites, the, whitewash, whoa mammas, whore's kitling, whore's son, whore-pipe, whoremaster general, whoremistress, whoremongery, wiener, wiener wrap, wienie, wife-swapping, Winchester goose, window-tappery, windows, winkers, winny-popper, wobblers, wombies, wongas, wonk, wood's colt, wool, wooter, word hole, workshop, worm with a nazi helmet, wren, wriggle, wriggler, wurst, xanith, xassafrassed, xenerotica, yabbos, yak, yakum, yams, yap, yapper, yeast bag, yid, yongles, yuk, yummies, yummy, zatch, zazzle, zero, zither, zizz, zoophilia, zulubruiser

Quotes Containing terms:
Gavin d''Amato (Danny De Vito) in The War of the Roses (1989): ''A civilized divorce is a contradiction in terms .''
Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): ''Playing with oneself (18-20th C .) is a worthwhile activity for both sexes and one of the most rewarding of all the sexual practices. In terms of orgasmic efficacy, it seldom fails us. Alfred Kinsey reported that 95 percent of the time it is successful, with 75 percent of the participants attaining climax (20th C .) in less than four minutes.''
Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): ''Playing with oneself (18-20th C .) is a worthwhile activity for both sexes and one of the most rewarding of all the sexual practices. In terms of orgasmic efficacy, it seldom fails us. Alfred Kinsey reported that 95 percent of the time it is successful, with 75 percent of the participants attaining climax (20th C .) in less than four minutes.''
Garrett Breedlove (Jack Nicholson) and Aurora Greenway (Shirley MacLaine) in Terms of Endearment (1983): - Garrett: 'Trust me about this one thing . You need a lot of drinks.' - Aurora: 'To break the ice?' - Garrett: 'To kill the bug that you have up your ass .'
Aurora Greenway (Shirley MacLaine) and Garrett Breedlove (Jack Nicholson) coming home after a very bad dinner date in Terms of Endearment (1983). - Aurora:'Would you like to come in?' - Garret:'I'd rather stick needles in my eyes .'
Russell ''Russ'' Ward (Clark Gable) finally coming to terms with his true age (not 42, 45 or 50, but 56) in But Not For Me (1959):''Youth! The kids can have it!''
Rosalie Maggio, The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991): ''Men may buy pornography but women pay for it - in terms of exploitation, rape, violence, and a society that sees them as disposable sexual-objects. Pornography associates women with pain, inferiority, and humiliation ; the assumption for the user is that this is real and normal. Good sex is also a victim; a graduate of The School of Pornography is a sex-illiterate. Erotica differs from pornography in that it celebrates rather than degrades human-sexuality . It preserves the mutuality of sexual activity, is not exploitative, controlling, objectifying, addictive, a "using" activity, or affected by prurient-interests. ''
Rosalie Maggio, The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991): ''Men may buy pornography but women pay for it - in terms of exploitation, rape, violence, and a society that sees them as disposable sexual-objects. Pornography associates women with pain, inferiority, and humiliation ; the assumption for the user is that this is real and normal. Good sex is also a victim; a graduate of The School of Pornography is a sex-illiterate. Erotica differs from pornography in that it celebrates rather than degrades human-sexuality . It preserves the mutuality of sexual activity, is not exploitative, controlling, objectifying, addictive, a "using" activity, or affected by prurient-interests. ''

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