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1. Gay term for the penis , especially an erect one, punning its shape and ability to do magic tricks and because all fairies carry one. See penis for synonyms.

2. Stick- or prod-like electrical toy used in sadomasochism to give shocks of varying intensity to that part of the body it touches.


(1) Detective Phil Moscowitz (Tatsuya Mihashi) to Suki Yaki (Akike Wakabayashi), Chinese actors in a story narrated in English, often out of sync, by Woody Allen, in What's Up, Tiger Lily? (1966): ' Meet me in the bedroom in five minutes, and bring a cattle prod .'

(2) Ralph (Danny DeVito) in a Columbian police station in Romancing the Stone (1984): ' I'm about to have a closer encounter with a cattle prod .'

See Also: cock and ball torture, toby finger (salute), toby salute, violet wand, wand of love, wandwaver

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