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1. Obsolete term for a prostitute , especially a cheap one. See prostitute for synonyms.

2. In Britain, a derogatory designation for a sex offender.

3. A sexually aggressive person. Synonym: animal .

4. An unattractive person.

See Also: animal, beast with two backs, bestial, chanticleer, Circe, coitus more ferarum, cow, croup, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, erotic zoophilism, make the beast with two backs, making the beast with two backs, ranlum scrantum, rantum scantum, two-backed beast, zooerastia, zooerasty, zoophilia erotica

Quotes Containing beast:
William Shakespeare. Othello (1605): Iago: ''I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter and the Moor are now making-the-beast-with-two-backs .''
French author Franois Rabelais (1494-1553) (Translation by Sir Thomas Urquhart, 1653): ''These two did often do-the-two-backed-beast together in so far that at last she became great-with-child .''
Rita Cavallini (Greta Garbo) to her friend Cornelius Van Tayl (Lewis Stone) in Romance (1930): 'What is love? It's made of kisses in the dark , of hot breath on the face , of hearts that beat with terribly strong blows. Love is just a beast that you feed all through the night and when the morning comes, love dies. ' And later: 'To me love is only a little warmth in all this cold , just a little light in all this darkness, one little minute to lie still in the beloved's arms, one little minute to forget and that's all.'
Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): 'Nobody really knows where the hole came from, though Captain Grose, the roguish eighteenth- century lexicographer, had his own ideas about it . His version opens with an angel who had been employed in forming women, forgetting to cut off their parts-of-generation . Enter Lucifer who took it upon himself to set matters right. Taking a somewhat direct approach to the problem, he placed himself in a sawpit with a scythe fixed to a stick in his hand and directed the women to straddle the pit . He then gave each the mark-of-the-beast (c. 1715). The pit being too deep for the length of his instrument , tall women received only a moderate scratch , but little women, because their legs were so short and more within his reach, received a somewhat larger cut . The long and the short of it? They both went home with an everlasting-wound (17th C), known in some quarters as the divine-scar (18th C). The Devil, henceforth, was to be known as Old Nick or Ole Scratch; and the c**t [cunt, as slit (17th-20th C), nick , and gash (both 16th-20thC).'

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