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1. The female pubic-hair and, by extension, the pubic-area . See vagina for synonyms.

2. Or: bearded-lady , a woman serving as camouflage for a male homosexual by pretending to be his wife , lover , or girlfriend to prevent suspicion of his homosexuality .
Synonym: bitch's-blind .
See also: bitches'-blinds ; fainting.

3. A man who acts as cover or front for another man , usually one is involved in an extramarital-affair .

Quote: Fred (James Garner) and George (Tony Randall) in Boys' Night Out (1962):
-- Fred : ' Why do I have to be the beard for you guys? '
-- George: ' What are friends for? '

See Also: bear, beard, bearded lady, bearded oyster, bearded taco, bearded woman, bitch's blind, bitches' blinds, Captain Hogseye, down, face-fungus, flinking, goatee, pitch, pogonophobia, pubic hair, secondary sex characteristics, twat hair

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