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Sexual orientation characterized by sexual attraction (love, desire) and formation of romantic relationships with members of ones own gender .
ETYMOLOGY: Coined in 1869 by a Hungarian physician named Karoly Maria Benkert from the Greek homos and the Latin sexus, meaning same sex . It entered the English language in 1892 through C . G . Chaddocks translation of Krafft-Ebings Psychopathia Sexualis . The term first appeared in US medical journals in the 1890s, and began appearing in general usage in the 1920s. Historical trivia: In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.
Usage: Homosexual(ity) has long been regarded as etymologically incorrect and confusing being based on the Greek homos , meaning same as, and the Latin homo , meaning man , in which case it excluses women. For this reason but also because of the prejudice attached to it , many terms have been suggested as gender-neutral substitutes for homosexuality including: controsexual , herosexual , homogenic , homoism , homophile , homophylophilia , intermediate-sex , intersexual , isosexual , simulsexual . Other words are gender-specific: androtrope (male homosexual), gyneotrope / gynaeocotrope (a female homosexual), feminosexual (a lesbian , as opposed to homosexual , male homosexual).
SYNONYMS AND SLANGONYMS: alternative-lifestyle ; Dorian-love ; Doric-love ; faggotry (derog.); gay ; gayness ; Greek-love ; Hellenic-love ; homophilia ; homophylophilia ; homosexualism; learn-a-new-way ; the love that dare not speak its name; oscarizing ; queer (walk queer street); same-sex-love ; that-way ; third gender/set/sex; urinian(ism). Female homosexuality: amor-lesbicus ; sapphism ; tribadic .
SEE ALSO: accidental-homosexuality ; adolescent-homosexuality ; deprivational-homosexuality ; functional-homosexuality ; situational-homosexuality .


(1) Gay slogan: ' Homosexuality is not a four-letter-word .'

(2) ' Homosexuality is a pain-in-the-ass . ' From Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing by Robert Reisner.

(3) Alfred Douglas: ' I am the Love that dare not speak its name .' Last line of his poem: Two Loves .

(4) Oscar Wilde (1854-1900): ' " The Love that dare not speak its name " in this century is such a great affection of an elder for a younger man as there was between David and Jonathan, such as Plato made the very basis of his philosophy, and such as you find in the sonnets of Michelangelo and Shakespeare. It is that deep, spiritual affection that is as pure as it is perfect... It is in this century misunderstood... and on account of it I am placed where I am now .' (Statement made during his 1 st trial: April 30, 1895).

See Also: 175er, accidental homosexuality, acey-deucey, alternative lifestyle, amor lesbicus, anal intercourse, anal-genital intercourse, anogenital intercourse, arts, baby butch, badge, bait, beads, beard, blue discharge, break somebody in, bring out (of the closet), brought out, bufu, camp it up, canned fruit, caught between the pointers and setters, cedarchest sissy, closet, the, cognoscenti, come out, come out of the closet, come out to oneself, come-on boy, coming out, coming out of the closet, coming out process, commasculation, cultures, dash, deprivational homosexuality, deviant sexual behavior, discover one's gender, donald duck, Dorian love, Doric love, drop one's beads, faggotry, faggoty, fairy godmother, fairy hawk, four-letter word, functional homosexuality, gay chicken, gay life, gayness, go public, Greek, Greek love, Greek vice, Hellenic love, heterosexology, heterosexual bias, homo-, homogenitalism, homogenitality, homoism, homophilia, homophobia, homophylophilia, homosexology, homosexual, homosexuality, Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver, hypersexuality, in the life, internalized homophobia, inversion, lavender, lay it out, learn a new way, Lesbian Until Graduation, lose one's gender, love that dare not speak its name, the, LUG, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, oscarizing, out, pain in the ass, quean, queen's tanks, queer, same sex love, sapphic, sapphism, sexteen, sexteenager, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, sexual orientation, situational homosexuality, sodomy, stay in the closet, tampered with, tautanerism, that way, that way inclined, third gender, third set, third sex, transvestism, transvestitism, tribadic, truck driver, turn gay, turn one out, turn out, turn someone out, untried, uranian, uranianism, uranism, uranist, uranophobia, urningism, urnism, vice allemand, walk queer street, way, wear a cut-glass veil, wear a mourning veil, wear one's badge, whiff of lavender, wings

Quotes Containing homosexuality:
Gay slogan: ''Homosexuality is not a four-letter-word .''
Gay slogan: ''Homosexuality is not a four-letter-word .''
From Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing by Robert Reisner: ''Homosexuality is a pain-in-the-ass .''
Robert Reisner. Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing: - ''Fuck scatology.'' - ''Homosexuality is a pain-in-the-ass .''

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