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1. A prefix that is often misunderstood because it has two etymological meanings:
-- a) From the Greek homos meaning same / the same, as in homosexuality (same-sex love), homogenous (uniform). (The opposite is hetero- from the Greek heteros meaning different from);
-- b) From the Latin homo, meaning human / human being (a member of the genus Homo), as in Homo-sapiens , hominophobia , homicide.

2. A combining form for words pertaining to homosexuals (same-sex lovers). In Greek , homo means the same as and is the basis for homo sexual, a lover of the same sex .

3. Homo , a widespread abbreviation of homosexual ; pejorative when used by heterosexuals to refer to a male or female homosexual ; homos , refers derogatorily to homosexuals in general. A gay man was once referred to as a four-letter-man (H-O-M-O).
Quote: Gay slogan: ' Homosexuality is not a four-letter-word .'

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Quotes Containing homo-:
The Principal (Louise Fletcher) to Richard (Jon Lovitz) a teacher at High School High (1996): ''I''ll have you kicked out of here faster than a homo at Fort Dix.''

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